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Thankful hearts...

A Mother's Prayer

He’s such a sweet boy! Lately, every time either of us bring him tolaughter like this he ends up getting hiccups - poor baby!

This new translation is a graced opportunity for us to be catechized inthe mystery of the Mass. Sometimes, if we do something over and over,it becomes so familiar that we lose sight of the true meaning of whatwe are doing and the mystery we are celebrating. (Just think about howoften we “rattled off” the Gloria or the Creed or the Our Father and,afterwards, could not remember what we said.) Now is a good time topray, study, and reflect on the great mystery of the Mass in which thelife, death, and resurrection of Jesus is made present through thepower of the Holy Spirit. If we are just physically present and quicklyrecite words or make gestures we do not understand, then we are nottransformed more into the likeness of Christ. -Bishop Curtis Guillory

Just as two friends, frequently in each other’s company, tend todevelop similar habits, so too, by holding familiar converse with Jesusand the Blessed Virgin, by meditation on the mysteries of the Rosaryand by living the same life in Holy Communion, we can become, to theextent of our lowliness, similar to them. -Blessed Bartolo Longo

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. -Blessed Mother Teresa

Baby Boy is 3 months!

Friends, I again ask you, what about today? What are you seeking? Whatis God whispering to you? The hope which never disappoints is JesusChrist. The Saints show us the selfless love of his way. As disciplesof Christ, their extraordinary journeys unfolded within the communityof hope, which is the Church. It is from within the Church that you toowill find courage and support to walk the way of the Lord. Nourished bypersonal prayer, prompted in silence, shaped by the Church’s liturgyyou will discover the particular vocation God has for you. Embrace itwith joy. You are Christ’s disciples today. -Pope Benedict XVI

True Love


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Grant, O God...

Hail, Holy Queen

You keep us waiting

A beautiful Danielle Rose song that my Mother in Law recentlyintroduced to me. Thought I’d share it on her birthday! Happy Birthday,sweet MiL :)

oh sweet baby

Mother and Child

40 Days for Life: Planned Parenthood Manager Converts, Clinic ClosesSherman, TX Holy Spirit continues to convert hearts one prayer at atime. Holy Family, pray for the end of the death of the innocent (onavg) 3,500 lives that are lost every day in America and all thoseinvolved/affected.

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Ground Zero

But while we are co-operating with God we must never cease to followHis direction and lean upon Him. To act in this way is to act withassurance and consequently with calm. When one looks upon oneself inall one’s actions as the instrument of Divine Providence and aims atnothing but fulfilling God’s designs, one acts gently, without troubleor hurry, without disquiet about the future or regret for the past,abandoning oneself to God’s fatherly Providence and counting on it morethan on all possible human means. In that way, one is always at peace,and God unfailingly directs everything for our good, either temporal oreternal, and sometimes for both. -Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade

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