Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sleep Bandits

As of last week, our now 5 month old, has two little special visitors that I have named sleep bandits. These bandits are pearly white, fairly sharp, ready for solids, and came out of no where! Well, kind of out of no where. There were some tell-tale signs to their upcoming heist ( I mean appearance), but I thought that they surely knew that Bigfoot was just getting into some wonderful days of sleep. I mean, really wonderful. We’re talking 7-9 hours on any given night! Even longer on some really special nights. Nap times were getting to be easy with the routine we had set in place. I almost think Bigfoot started to experience some enjoyment during nap times because he knew when he awoke Mama would be standing right there. Almost like a really intense, drawn out game of pick-a-boo.

But, moving past the beautiful nights of sleep and fast forwarding to last week, our sleep bandits hit us and they hit us hard. Now, you would think that these bandits would have made their presence known in the quietest, most gentle/subtle way seeing how Bigfoot has been nothing but good to their landing grounds. The way I see it, Bigfoot’s wonderful sleep not only benefits him, but the little bandits themselves (and, of course, myself) by allowing them good healthy gums ready for all things pearly white. But, as life would have it, these bandits came with a vengeance, and they have stolen sleep. A little too much for my liking. Therefore, I have decided that I need to go into negotiations with these two little bad boys for the sake of our sanity. I’m talking, busting out all possible ammo that a mother can conjure. Things like: teething gel, teething tablets, infant tylenol for the really sore nights, teething toys, and frozen washcloths. Oh yes, you little sleep bandits, I will win for the sake of my son and for our sleepy family.

Don’t get me wrong. I am thrilled at this new milestone that our Bigfoot has hit. I mean, he has gone from our little baby boy to our now baby man ready to chomp on some good steak (well not exactly, but you get where I’m going). Teeth are a big deal. Our Bigfoot had the cutest gummy smile that made my heart melt. And now, this beautiful gummy smile has the two cutest little teeth a Mama could ask for (yes, the bandits are very cute!).

Bigfoot getting ready for some solid food fun :)

Being a first-time Mama, I didn’t know what to expect when these little pearlies decided to show up. And, honestly, I wasn’t anticipating their first heist (because I imagine the other pearly whites will join the Sleep Bandit Gang) until 7 months or so.

But, here we are. Our son is just as adorable as before. The little one is just in need of some pain relief from time to time and that pierces a Mama’s heart like none other. So, I look forward to when the soreness either A) goes away or B) Bigfoot gets used to it and puts his foot down, telling those bandits that they can’t have anymore of his sleep.

And so, after two weeks of random and multiple night wakings, I have decided that the sleep bandits need to figure out a more gentle approach to the future invasions their other little pearly friends have yet to make. I have asked nicely and hope they can meet us halfway.


Sleepy Mama

PS I have yet to get the bandits on camera. They really are pretty sneaky and hard to catch! For now, enjoy this fun shot of Bigfoot.

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