Sunday, April 26, 2015

embrace the ordinary // time

Time has been passing, our boys have been growing, our family has been living, and I have been learning. But, I haven't been blogging. In fact, I haven't even been sharing Project 52 photos even though I have been taking them. Our computer has taken a turn into major slacker mode and if there's one thing that deters me from computer usage is a slow as molasses computer. Even still, we've been making memories, spending time with grandparents and family, and just got back from a mini trip with friends.

Life lessons have been sprinkled throughout it all. I've been slowly but surely gathering myself time and time again. Lesson after lesson, failure after failure and success after success.

As I'm sitting here and as I was sitting last night all I could think about is that He has come, He has conquered, and He will come again. I'm trying to let this sink in. I'm trying to focus on hope. Hope is real. Hope for tomorrows made new is real. Hope for beginning again is what I'm trying to embrace. To let be my reality.

Because I do stumble as much as I do good. I am a mother and I am a wife. I am a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I have these sweet little souls that I want to teach, guide, and encourage. I want them to know all these truths that I'm trying to live. I want them to see how it plays out. I want them to see that the evil one never wins. No matter how much we struggle or fight. Christ has won and always will hold us safe in His Loving Heart.

Hoping to find my way back to this little space of mine this week and beyond. For any and all who stuck around, thank you!!!! Our little family scrapbook that has me continually seeking beauty during good times and bad has been missed by me! So I'm excited. <3 p="">

Monday, April 13, 2015

made with love // horse-stick reveal

Waiting faces. One hopeful and the other all kinds of skeptical.
 Mr. Hopeful becomes Mr. Doubtful and Mr. Doubtful becomes Mr. Hopeful.
 The Reveal.
 Stick-horses for the Win!

 They had no clue...
 So we literally showed them a how-to cartoon for riding stick horses. ...Only my boys...
 Which doesn't change the fact that they loved them.

 Once they got the hang of it, galloping has become part of our daily fun.
 With the occassional, Look, mama! Jesus!
 Up close. Bigfoot got robots.
 Linus got elephants.

I think they're going to have a lot of fun with these two sticks-horses! I kind of heart them and am sooooo thankful for my friend who so generously shared her time and talent with me!

Head over to her place by clicking on the image below or HERE to get the tutorial if that's your thing!
All I know is if I can do it, you definitely can!

Friday, April 10, 2015

finding beauty // insta-beauty

1 - We had all the fun this past Easter weekend. Hives aside, the boys were both able to fully enjoy having their grandparents around. What was a ton of fun was having some bike time out on the court. Bigfoot was even able to start peddling on his own a few times and had all the looks of pride one could imagine. Tons of laughter, memories, and conquering happened. And that sunburst just makes me happy.
2 - Linus loves to draw. A lot. He loves all things white paper, crayons, markers, color pencils, coloring books, etc etc etc He would sit for over an hour each time if he had a canvas to work with. It's kind of awesome and definitely unique to him. 

Correct me if I'm wrong but, just turned two year olds shouldn't necessarily be drawing "dragons" nor a "sheep eat grass", right? Surely there's some giftedness to this? Or maybe I'm just a super impressed young mama. Either way, I present to you a a dragon (top Left) and a sheep eating grass (bottom Right).
3 - My oldest has been wanting a new little baby in the house probably since he's held any other little baby that our friends will let him hold or dote on. He loves all the little ones and reallllly wants us to have more. My heart and desire is for that too, but God's timing little one, God's timing.

We are in a season of waiting on Him, but for now, Bigfoot expressed that the picture below is his present desired family.

Dada, Mama, me, Linus, my new baby sister, another baby, another baby, and anooother baby! Look mama, this is us!
4 - We had a tough sick season that spilled into Lent, relentlessly, but we had a beautiful Easter weekend and are enjoying Eastertide. I wrote a little about it here.
5 - Love that our little seeds are sprouting! I've never planted anything from seed (Other than when we were in Elementary) and I'm a pro at killing all things green. Unintentionally, of course. But here we are! Our little sproutlings. So excited! We planted morning glorys (pictured below), baby's breath (my faves), marigolds, a mailbox mix, and need to plant some rosemary. I'm excitteeed!
6 - I have been enjoying learning to sew so much! It's so neat how the machine just works. It just does. It joins fabric and creates. I'm a fan of threading (because my machine makes it incredibly easy) and finally have my first finished product that isn't laughable! All thanks to my amazing friend who is all sorts of crazy-talented! Go check her out here. She shares a ton of DIYs, her beautiful leather hand-crafted items, and some of her husband's insanely talented artistry
7 - Oh my goodness! I seriously can hardly contain myself! She made these adorable stick horses for her kids and swore that I'd be able to do it too. I went over and tadaaaaa! She was right!
Aren't they adorable?!! We'll be giving them to the boys as soon as daddy gets home from work. I can't wait. You can bet I'll be clicking away capturing all that magic! But till then, if you're at all interested in my friend's tutorial showing how she joined two patterns to craft these adorable stick horses go HERE! They were completely crafted from scrap fabric and easy enough for a newbie like me!
Yay! Thanks for hanging around for these insta-quick-takes of fun and moments of beauty from life-lately. I'm hoping to get my Project 52 photos up today or tomorrow, but for now, hope you enjoyed catching up on the little things.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

the present moment // catching up

Brothers. Love each other, taunt each other, and seek each other out.
Bigfoot. 3. Adores being outside, playing every sport under the sun, and is still my little snuggler.
Linus. 2. Is talking so much more, has become our little in-home parrot, and loves doing things on his own.

Bigfoot. 3...almost 4! Sometimes wishes he could still be a baby, really wants his mama to have a baby, and is learning and exploring the world around him with the most curious eyes.
Linus. 2. Adores swinging, seeking and examining every bug under the sun, and being silly.
Brothers. Growing together, learning together, and teaching this mama about love and life every. single. day.
Cheers to playing catch-up on my little 52 Project. <3>

bissisterhood // He is Risen, Indeed!

Lent came and went this year and that's okay. It was all okay. In fact, is was better than okay. It was good. All of it was good. Even the not so good was good because we were together, trying, and putting one foot in front of the other.

What was so amazing is, even though I started feeling a little down towards the end, He met us where we were anyways. And it was good.

We were getting hit time after time with one virus or another, I had a feeling we were going to miss the Triduum Masses and my heart was sinking as each day passed us by.

The Wednesday before Holy Thursday arrived and my oldest was getting over the stomach bug while my youngest got hives after eating asparagus. Since that time, his hives have not gone away. They've come and gone for almost a full week now, which is just crazy-town. Needless to say, we did not go and spread our tummy bug germs. We also did not bring the itchy and irritable two year old to Easter Vigil. 

But. Yes, there is a but. We did make it to Easter Sunday Mass. We managed to all stay mostly healthy (the youngest was still sporting the magical hives that made it their business to disappear only to reappear in all the places). But, come Sunday, off to Mass we went and I was excited!

Only, we didn't get there in time to find a seat in the sanctuary. Again, my heart sank. I wanted all the beauty that was to be had in every corner of church through word, song, and view that day. I wanted it all. Then something in me resigned and encouraged our little family to make our way to the gym for the overflow Mass. In my head, all I heard was *womp womp* but in my heart there was a little voice saying Trust.

Oh friends, how Jesus met me in my prideful resignation! It was as if He was saying, Come little heart. Have you so little trust?

I walked into the mostly empty gym, where each basketball hoop was turned into a white pot filled with sweet white flowers. The alter was at the center towards the back dressed beautifully. The choir was set and ready to go and brought me to tears from all the beauty coming from their hearts. The pulpit was dressed and surrounded by more beautiful white lilies. The aisles, the colors, the resounding voices that made me feel like I was listening to all the angels in heaven, and just all the effort towards beauty and goodness were there. It was the most beautiful thing ever! It really was!

See, I walked in sure that I was going to see a random screen on display with a ton of chairs split by an aisle on a basketball court. What I came into was a small sanctuary ready to celebrate His Resurrection. And while Mass on a screen is still Mass and still wonderful, this preparation was a gift my heart didn't know it needed.

It reminded me of a priest when I was on a day retreat looking for a garden to sit, pray, and reflect in. I was determined on finding a beautiful garden. I knew they had many on the grounds. I asked a passing priest to point me in the right direction.

He smiled the biggest smile, looked straight into my soul and said, Look around us. There are flowers everywhere!

Yes, Lord. There are flowers everywhere. Today and on that Easter Sunday. Thank you for every last one of them.

Now, onto our day and all. the. memories!

Family photo after Mass. The bow ties weren't easy to get on, but stayed on with mostly no problemos after. Mama-win!
 My in-laws were in town and we had such a blessed time with them. It felt so good.
My brother and his girlfriend spent the morning to afternoon with us too. So nice when we all get to go to Mass together. I know the boys love having them around. 
Easter baskets from the grandparents!

It rained a lot on Sunday and was pretty muggy but we were able to still grill and have some fun outside.

Cascarones make me all kinds of happy. Christ is Risen!

Look at that little one preparing to get his daddy. Him and my father-in-law were the main targets. My mother-in-law and I were just fine with that.
The boys absolutely loved the cascarones!
My youngest was the sweetest when it came to cracking eggs on others. He would poke a whole and then just gently shake out the confetti.

My oldest was all about the cracking!

Grilling is our favorite. All the yum was had that day!
Roasted veggies, chips and guac, beverages...all the yum!
Then after our bellies were full, my amazing husband brought out the guitar and we continued our new little to-do of singing worship together. It was beautiful.
Every moment.

Even the silly ones.
Good Triduum, good weekend, good family time, and great Easter Sunday.
After Holy Spirit and His Goodness helped me out of myself, this whole season proved to be so very fruitful. I'm thankful, humbled, and so very grateful for His Perfect Love, for all He has done for us and continues to do for us, and for the seasons that come and go, giving us all the opportunities to grow in love and wisdom.

motherhood // standing

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