Monday, April 23, 2012

Some Greats and Some Grands

Traveling Bigfoot strikes again!
We made a drive down to Mama's hometown to visit family the last weekend in March.
The drive down there went as smoothly as a drive down there can go.
However, the drive back up North was pretty tough on you. Once back we found out that your right ear was on its way to infection, leaving us with some sleepless nights mixed in with quite some tears. That doesn't mean that you weren't always up to share some smiles, laughter, and cuddles.
Some photos of our weekend trip:

All smiles on the way down.
Checking out your great-grandma who loves you tons.
Checking out your great-grandpa who just lights up when he sees you. I love this old man dearly, but I will say, putting a smile on his face can be a task for most, but not for you!
Hanging out with your great-aunt.
Cozy in Nana's lap while snacking on some puffs after you ate quite the meal.
Roaming around in Grandpa and Nana's backyard. Grandpa loves hanging out with you in the yard. And you had so much fun watching the goats. They definitely got some laughs and smiles out of you.
At great-uncle Ruben's birthday party with Nonna. You got to see Nonna again! You were such a sweetheart with all the relatives. Smiling and laughing for everyone - even though you weren't feeling well.
We made a pit stop in Corpus at Grandpa Wooly and Nonna's home since the drive back was pretty tough for you and your achy ear. You had some good times with Grandpa Wooly in the short time that we were there. You are also sporting the walker Grandpa Ram and Nana bought you over the weekend. You've become quite the fan of this little walker!
Playing patty-cake with Grandpa Wooly and Nonna.
In that, the drive was going to be a tough one, Mama pulled out all the arsenals. For some reason, bottles can distract you and keep your intrigue so well! As demonstrated below:
We made a dinner stop at Rudy's BBQ. You had some of their bbq chicken and bread. 
This weekend trip was definitely the most trying drive for all of us, but we were gifted with some lovely times and sweet memories with grandparents, great-grandparents, and relatives galore.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

Sweet Bigfoot, your Nonna came to see you during her spring break! She spent the entire week smiling with you, making you laugh, hugging and holding you, rocking you to sleep, and sharing with you the goodness of the present moment.

While she was here, we all went for a walk at wonderful park. It was so much fun! You loved being outside and strolling in your Ignite.
The views were great and you had fun drinking from Nonna's water bottle. 
We also went shopping. Your Nonna loves showering you with gifts, especially clothes. You are definitely one well dressed baby boy, thanks to all your grandparents!
Suprisingly, you left this pretty cool hat on for quite awhile. You look good with your hat on baby boy! 
 We also went to Flying Fish for dinner on Friday. You were wonderful and I think Nonna was impressed with your restaurant manners. You looked adorable (again) with your little hat. 

Not sure what you were thinking below, but I guess somewhere in your little brain you thought the table might be good to eat. Just an FYI - tables are not food, dear.  

Daddy and Nonna enjoyed a few friendly games of this fun letter game. Nonna brought it for us. Look forward to when we can all enjoy some board games together!
You were a wonderful grandson and even gave Nonna a few of your precious kissies here and there. The one below we actually caught a pic of! Such a sweetheart!

Thank you Nonna for a wonderful visit! It was great having you over and look forward to the next time we get to have you all to ourselves. PS Grandpa Wooly, you were very missed!

Love you both,
Our little family

Sunday, April 8, 2012

...and Hallelujah is our song.

Happy Easter from our little family to yours!

Uncle Godfather came over on Saturday to come celebrate. We loved every moment. Living in the same area is seriously such a gift!

Seph was such a great baby throughout Easter Triduum. He was such a sweetheart at every Mass we went to. He brought so many smiles to so many people. Smiles were had by Uncle Godfather, his grandparents over FaceTime, persons who sat near us during Mass, people at restaurants, and of course, by us.

He also had a busy Triddum. Not only was he sharing smiles like none-other, but he was also sharing his most adorable baby giggle, his mad eating skills, his spontaneous bursts of excitement, his new found clapping ability, hello's and good-bye's, his sweet sleepy snuggles, and his keen pointing ability (as seen below). The boy loves working out his pointer finger. He points at things he wants, random things he sees, foods he's interested in, things that make noise, people that are near us, people that are far from us, cars, the sky, Lily, phones, get the point, he points at everything under the sun that his sweet little eyes land on. Fun stuff!
My sweet Bigfoot and I snuck in a picture before going in to Mass. Woohoo!
Seph overwhelmed with gratitude for bringing him to Sauced for Easter lupper. The gratitude flowed from our content selves as well. Sauced was quite the indulgence, that's for sure!

Our little family after the beautiful Easter Vigil. I think we held up pretty well. And, definitely well worth it!

How was your Easter?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fun times at Indoor Safari

We went to sweet Ben's birthday party today and had lots of fun! You were a tad sleepy but enjoyed observing all the chaotic fun that was going on around us and the neat play area that you could roam free in and explore!

Checkin' out the surroundings.
You and Gianna enjoying the ABC play area. Lots of new toys you don't see at home. Daddy snapped a pic of us. We have tons of pics of you and Daddy since I'm the one behind the camera. But today, Daddy made an effort to snap a couple of us while you were enjoying lunch.
Look at you all propped up!
He got another one of us!
You and Gianna were enjoying that big bouncie ball.
And, last but not least a shot of the all-too-familiar side pose.
Lookin' good lil' man!

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