Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fun times at Indoor Safari

We went to sweet Ben's birthday party today and had lots of fun! You were a tad sleepy but enjoyed observing all the chaotic fun that was going on around us and the neat play area that you could roam free in and explore!

Checkin' out the surroundings.
You and Gianna enjoying the ABC play area. Lots of new toys you don't see at home. Daddy snapped a pic of us. We have tons of pics of you and Daddy since I'm the one behind the camera. But today, Daddy made an effort to snap a couple of us while you were enjoying lunch.
Look at you all propped up!
He got another one of us!
You and Gianna were enjoying that big bouncie ball.
And, last but not least a shot of the all-too-familiar side pose.
Lookin' good lil' man!

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