Sunday, April 15, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

Sweet Bigfoot, your Nonna came to see you during her spring break! She spent the entire week smiling with you, making you laugh, hugging and holding you, rocking you to sleep, and sharing with you the goodness of the present moment.

While she was here, we all went for a walk at wonderful park. It was so much fun! You loved being outside and strolling in your Ignite.
The views were great and you had fun drinking from Nonna's water bottle. 
We also went shopping. Your Nonna loves showering you with gifts, especially clothes. You are definitely one well dressed baby boy, thanks to all your grandparents!
Suprisingly, you left this pretty cool hat on for quite awhile. You look good with your hat on baby boy! 
 We also went to Flying Fish for dinner on Friday. You were wonderful and I think Nonna was impressed with your restaurant manners. You looked adorable (again) with your little hat. 

Not sure what you were thinking below, but I guess somewhere in your little brain you thought the table might be good to eat. Just an FYI - tables are not food, dear.  

Daddy and Nonna enjoyed a few friendly games of this fun letter game. Nonna brought it for us. Look forward to when we can all enjoy some board games together!
You were a wonderful grandson and even gave Nonna a few of your precious kissies here and there. The one below we actually caught a pic of! Such a sweetheart!

Thank you Nonna for a wonderful visit! It was great having you over and look forward to the next time we get to have you all to ourselves. PS Grandpa Wooly, you were very missed!

Love you both,
Our little family

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