Friday, April 10, 2015

finding beauty // insta-beauty

1 - We had all the fun this past Easter weekend. Hives aside, the boys were both able to fully enjoy having their grandparents around. What was a ton of fun was having some bike time out on the court. Bigfoot was even able to start peddling on his own a few times and had all the looks of pride one could imagine. Tons of laughter, memories, and conquering happened. And that sunburst just makes me happy.
2 - Linus loves to draw. A lot. He loves all things white paper, crayons, markers, color pencils, coloring books, etc etc etc He would sit for over an hour each time if he had a canvas to work with. It's kind of awesome and definitely unique to him. 

Correct me if I'm wrong but, just turned two year olds shouldn't necessarily be drawing "dragons" nor a "sheep eat grass", right? Surely there's some giftedness to this? Or maybe I'm just a super impressed young mama. Either way, I present to you a a dragon (top Left) and a sheep eating grass (bottom Right).
3 - My oldest has been wanting a new little baby in the house probably since he's held any other little baby that our friends will let him hold or dote on. He loves all the little ones and reallllly wants us to have more. My heart and desire is for that too, but God's timing little one, God's timing.

We are in a season of waiting on Him, but for now, Bigfoot expressed that the picture below is his present desired family.

Dada, Mama, me, Linus, my new baby sister, another baby, another baby, and anooother baby! Look mama, this is us!
4 - We had a tough sick season that spilled into Lent, relentlessly, but we had a beautiful Easter weekend and are enjoying Eastertide. I wrote a little about it here.
5 - Love that our little seeds are sprouting! I've never planted anything from seed (Other than when we were in Elementary) and I'm a pro at killing all things green. Unintentionally, of course. But here we are! Our little sproutlings. So excited! We planted morning glorys (pictured below), baby's breath (my faves), marigolds, a mailbox mix, and need to plant some rosemary. I'm excitteeed!
6 - I have been enjoying learning to sew so much! It's so neat how the machine just works. It just does. It joins fabric and creates. I'm a fan of threading (because my machine makes it incredibly easy) and finally have my first finished product that isn't laughable! All thanks to my amazing friend who is all sorts of crazy-talented! Go check her out here. She shares a ton of DIYs, her beautiful leather hand-crafted items, and some of her husband's insanely talented artistry
7 - Oh my goodness! I seriously can hardly contain myself! She made these adorable stick horses for her kids and swore that I'd be able to do it too. I went over and tadaaaaa! She was right!
Aren't they adorable?!! We'll be giving them to the boys as soon as daddy gets home from work. I can't wait. You can bet I'll be clicking away capturing all that magic! But till then, if you're at all interested in my friend's tutorial showing how she joined two patterns to craft these adorable stick horses go HERE! They were completely crafted from scrap fabric and easy enough for a newbie like me!
Yay! Thanks for hanging around for these insta-quick-takes of fun and moments of beauty from life-lately. I'm hoping to get my Project 52 photos up today or tomorrow, but for now, hope you enjoyed catching up on the little things.


  1. Wow! Those stick horses are super, super cute. Count me super impressed. And I love the yellow shoes.

    1. Thanks, Ann-Marie! Christina (you may have known her at A&M) helped me! She was so generous with her time and talent. SERIOUSLY! And thanks about the yellow shoes. Funny side story: I bought them at a Ross nearby and asked two teenage girls to impart some fashion wisdom as to whether or not I could pull of yellow keds. Their verdict was a big no. I snuck off and bought them anyways :D

  2. That's totally impressive drawing for a new 2yo! Adorable :)

    1. Right? He continually impresses me with his art! Grateful for these little hearts God shared with me!


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