Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where'd November go?!

Wow. November has come and gone, which means that Bigfoot’s month 5 has also disappeared from one day to the next. Going from November to December feels like going from a Monday to a Tuesday. It happens so quickly, and if you’re not careful, you will miss a whole month worth of goodness!

Now, where to start? I’ll let the few (sad but true) pictures I’ve taken be my guide for month 5.

For starters, my sweet, our Aggies have not been doing so hot. You and Daddy watched Aggie football like all loyal and true Ags would.

Even though it was a difficult season, we have much to look forward to next season (*hopefully*). Anywho, you and Daddy have had some man time watching sports and you seem to enjoy it.

Now, don’t hate me for posting this next picture.
So cute! Sweetheart, you’ve been doing this funny noise with your mouth lately. I think you find it entertaining. Either that, or it helps sooth your teething gums - I think. Regardless, you are so cute when you do it. You make this *smack* *smack* noise - pretty fun. (And, my apologies for trying to get another wear out of this PJ. This was the last wear before it was put to rest with all the other abundances of clothes you’ve outgrown).

You have ample time in your jumperoo, which you love!. We have already raised it one more level which seems to suit you better. Crazy to think how fast you’re growing!?! Also, I absolutely love watching you discover new ways to play with all the toys and gadgets on this play gym. You’re always searching and discovering.

We made a trip to see Grandpa, Yaya, and your Auntie in San Antonio. You had so much fun spending time with them and being outside.

And this trip was followed by our Bible Study family trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Again, you absolutely loved being outside and enjoying the weather and beautiful Fall colors that surrounded us. You had tons of fun time with all the other Bible Study kids, and Daddy and Mama got to enjoy their Bible Study friends in a new setting. We played board games, ate wonderfully, laughed, joked, shared stories, and just had a great memorable time.

Bye Bye, lovely cabin.

Upon arrival home, you had a few bad days and nights of naps and sleep. I wasn’t sure exactly what was going on until I put my little finger to your bottom gums and found the culprits. You cut your first two teeth. The bottom two. Congrats, little one. You are well on your way to solids!!

I have yet to capture the two new teeth! Below was one of my first attempts. Ha. Enjoy.

You officially graduated from swaddlehood, my dear. You are sleeping without your swaddle and this is one of the pics that we have right before you started going swaddle-less.

Also, Mama made some of her pumpkin spice cupcakes with maple syrup cinnamon cream cheese frosting - YUM! They were made for Daddy’s work, but Mama got to enjoy a few before the send off and eventually you will too! :)

You grab at everything! You are curious and love grabbing things - old and new.

You also love putting everything in your mouth once in your grasp. And you and Lily continue to nurture your ever blossoming furry friendship.

Daddy has worn you a number of times with his baby carrier while playing fetch with Lily. You absolutely love this because it feels like you are playing fetch with her. You laugh the whole time.

Uncle A and his girlfriend came to visit and loved every moment. They love you tons and really enjoy spending time with you and your little bundle of fun.

haha. I think in the picture below you’re telling Daddy to stop talking so you can squeal, or laugh, or do something that would bring an “Awww” face to all present.

You have been enjoying your tummy time so much. You continue to roll over to your tummy like nobody’s business. You are starting to worm around just a bit. You turn into the most wiggly worm while Mama or Daddy changes you and you think it is the funnies thing. I love cuddling with you, as does Daddy. You are sweet and precious and we continue to love you more and more as each day passes.

Thank you for all the wonderful moments in the month that likes to fly. This November may have happened fast, but according to your month-to-months we still have more November to share in your 6 month post. :)

we love you. WE LOve you! WE LOVE YOU!!! xo

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