Monday, November 26, 2012

Papa and Nana Time

After our travels for my grandpa's funeral we had another weekend of travel to follow. A weekend that we had planned on. A weekend to spend with my parents. And, any extra time we could get with family after experiencing our loss was definitely welcomed by me.

We met Papa Ram and Nana near a lake in Austin. It was a nice and beautiful retreat from city views. Joseph did well during the drive, it was this preggo mama that was having the trouble.

Pregnancy with our first, compared to this one, was easy-peasy! Nausea was very manageable, I felt great, and was able to get my exercise on like no ones business all throughout the 9 months. This time around, my nausea was unmanageable (majorly), I struggled with very low blood pressure, and I get my exercise in when I can (in other words, rarely). All in all, I do feel good and am grateful to be out of the first trimester, but good night! my little Sweet P. You have kept your mama on her toes! So, aside from my oh-so-wonderful preggo symptoms, we made it to our destination!!

Here's our Bigfoot. He wasn't sure what to think about Papa's hat and sunglasses.
We got enjoy some great pool time. Our little one loves being in the water!!
And splashing!!!
Lots and lots of splashing!
He was getting passed around. Laughter and smiles were plentiful.
Papa and Nana ate up their time with their grandson, and GeekMan and I were able to have some fun times together in the rec area. I dominated in ping-pong, because that's just how life is. Meanwhile, he took most rounds of air hockey. 
After a day full-o-fun, the little guy was pretty subdued. 
We took some strolls and enjoyed seeing all the deer and beautiful nature God has shared with us.
Little guy was good at getting tuckered out with all the fun he was having.
We went to eat at the Oasis (finally!). We've heard about this place by so many friends and family members. 
Bigfoot was not a fan of any of the statues. Not even the puppy!
Daddy was his safety from all the weird statues that surrounded the shopping plaza connected to the Oasis.
As were Papa and Nana. 
Bigfoot was not in the mood for pictures.
But Papa and Nana always take a great one!
We had such a great weekend and were thankful that we were able to spend time with my parents, especially after losing my grandpa. Living far from family makes any together-time great, special, and precious. Time that we love to experience and always are a little sad to leave.

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