Thursday, January 9, 2014

2013 in 13: Thankful

We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose. -Romans 8:28

January: Waiting on our Sweet Pea, date night for our 3 year anniversary, Texas winter, time outside, a boy, and his sticks.
February: Our little Lovebug/Sweet P/Linus was born.
March: The boy has personality
April: My baby isn't a baby anymore.
June: Lots of traveling, toddler turns two, and lots of lovely family time.
July: Lots more family time, traveling, and our youngest was baptized.
August: Brothers, time at the beach, lots of family love, lots of traveling, and growing.
September: Birthdays, Beach, Family, food for all, and lots of fun.

October: Home, time with friends, and memories.
November: Brewery fun, Bible Study Family Vacation, Christmas cards, Thanksgiving family fun, and so little time.
December: Colds and allergies that rocked any plans I had for December, Icepocalypse 2013, no Christmas tree this year due to the craziness, lots of traveling, lots of gifts, lots of smiles and hugs, and Flu for all four of us that completely wiped out the later end of our  December into the new year.

Seeing Sister Kathleen this year was definitely one of my highlights. I've missed her terribly since we moved from College Station to Dallas and I could not be more happy that she was able to meet our boys! Praying that the good Lord bless us with another reunion in 2014. Either way I will look forward to our phone conversations in the new year. She will be in my prayers and I know our little family is always in hers.

So very thankful for another beautiful year filled with everything that it needed to be filled with. His Goodness, Mercy, and amazing Love abounding as always.


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