Tuesday, April 22, 2014

WIWS: Answers & Easter!

Christ is Risen!
He is Risen, Indeed!!!

Joining two link-ups today. One is new and the other I am trying to be better about consistently joining! The new link-up is Answer Me This over at Catholic All Year with Kendra. I've been wanting to join, so glad I'm here now! Also, will be linking up with What I Wore Sunday over at Fine Linen and Purple because I ended up wearing something other than the same dress I was considering making happen two Sundays in a row.

1. What did you and your family wear to Mass on Easter Sunday?
Here we are! This was the best out of many photos we took after Easter Mass. The wind wasn't friendly with my oldest's hair, but I love how we are all smiling!
 The boys were super cute this Easter! My mother-in-law did another great job of picking out their attire. She is so great about getting the boys some cute outfits and we love her for it!
 The hats were especially cute! We put them on for pictures and were surprised that they both took to them fairly well.
 Pictures with Bigfoot wouldn't be complete without sticks. Love these two together though.

Onto Fine Linen and Purple link-up goodness. Here I am - full length version!
I picked out a random outfit since my more Easter-ish dress was worn the week prior at Palm Sunday Mass
For some reason this photo keeps flipping. Oh well.
Skirt: Banana Republic Outlet (Probably a good 7 years ago. Thank goodness high-waisted things are somewhat in style because this skirt would not have worked around my mama mid-drift otherwise!)
Shirt: Victoria Secret Online (A good 4 years ago.)
Cardigan: (Victoria Secret Online (Also, a good 4 years ago. Seeing a trend here, ladies?)
Shoes: Forgot the brand, and they were purchased in sometime in '05.
Okay, back to the cuteness. The photo above is pretty much how Bigfoot feels after any family photo session that happens. Over. It. Although, he was fairly happy with sticks in hand.
Meanwhile, my little ham was eating it all up. He loved walking around with his little hat. Mind you, it came off a couple of times, only for him to start trying to put it back on himself. After a while, he just left it which made for some sweet photo moments.

2. Easter Bunny: thumbs up or thumbs down?
Don't have much of an opinion on the bunny but am a fan of the eggs as those make the most sense to me in celebration of the Risen Christ. I need to read up on my Easter bunny history to figure out what I think about the little hare but till then, I'm all about the eggs, confetti, decorating, and candy treats to serve as teaching tools and celebration for our Lord and His Gift to us.

3. Do you prefer to celebrate holidays at your own house or at someone else's house?
Prior to this Spring we were living in an apartment. As much as I love hosting, our little place would always get cramped real quick-like! Now that we're in our new home-sweet-home, and after having some family visit, I would love to host every and all holidays at our home. I know that won't happen only because I also think it's important for us to travel to the grandparents for holidays, especially so the kids can spend time with any great aunts, uncles, cousins that we don't get to see often as well as spend time in the homes their parents grew up in and were loved for a lifetime in. With all that said, I have a feeling my little homemaking heart is going to absolutely love having family over for holidays now that we are in this home.

4. What is your favorite kind of candy?
Candy in my mouth. Does that count? Any and all work for me. In terms of chocolate or sweet, I think it depends on my mood and what language my sweet tooth is talking.

5. Do you like video games?
My brother and I had a super nintendo growing up. I played a little but never really cared for it. I would rather be reading or spending time with my friends. My husband on the other hand could easily get whisked away in a game, and being the geeky-tech man that he is, is pretty good at them. And, him being the perfectionist he is, could easily want to play the game (each one with a perfect score) till the ultimate conquer. This is my husband and a quality I love about him when applied in other realms of our life, but not the video game one. Therefore, we currently don't have one, and we'll see what we decide once the boys get interested.

6. Do you speak another language?
I do. I'm fluent in American Sign Language. In fact, I went to graduate school at Gallaudet University which is an all-Deaf university in Washington, DC. I went there to get my Master's in Mental Health Counseling and had an absolutely amazing experience. My classes we're all taught in sign and I could not be more grateful for the education I received there. Upon graduation I worked in mental health as a therapist for a number of years for the Deaf community and went on to work as an ASL interpreter in my last few years leading up to motherhood.

I also speak Spanglish. I'm very fluent in my receptive ability, but spoken is a bit broken. My conjugations are lacking but I can manage pretty well. I do better when I'm speaking it on a daily basis as I did when I was working in the mental health field.

That was fun, Kendra! Thanks for the link-up and looking forward to joining again next week! And, head over FLAP for more fun and beautiful Easter outfits!

Also, stay tuned for birthday posts and some fun news this week!


  1. You guys are so adorable! Happy Easter :)

  2. So cute. There's just something about a newsboy cap! And I'm amazed about your ASL fluency. I love learning stuff like this about people. Really impressive.

  3. Great pics of your family! Can totally relate to having a wardrobe that was largely purchased a while back. I think your Easter outfit is still adorable though! Congrats on your new house! And wow about the sign language-- very cool. My brother took sign as his language requirement for high school and absolutely loved it.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! ASL is such a beautiful language! I've been very blessed with having the opportunities I have had in the Deaf community. They shared their language and culture with me and I was always just amazed at how beautiful a lot of it was.


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