Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Five Favorites: Cosas

Here for some quick favorites of the cosas that keep me feeling refreshed on the daily!

To start, lets talk a bit about hair. My hair, I like it. It works for me (for the most part). Now, since we're talking hair, that leads me to talk about after-having-children life. See, the daily shower can sometimes feel like that glitter-poofing unicorn around here. I begin to doubt the existence of showers. Really! And, I know I'm not alone on this one.

My days are filled with chasing after, feeding, teaching, loving, holding, nursing, playing, playing, playing, and, and, and.... So, finding time to sneak in a shower and blow dry my hair is tough! In comes this new little gem!

 When my hair starts to get a bit on the I-haven't-showered-in-a-few-days/greasy side, spray this fun stuff and Voila! I am showered and looking good! Also, I'm late to the dry-shampoo party, so this stuff is like liquid gold to me. Uh-mazing!!!

Next up on the list that helps me feel lovely and refreshed is this stuff! Heather mentioned it last week and others have mentioned it before. I even think I bought it a lonnnng time ago (Tara, you can help me on this one, because I think you told me about it.). I just never bought it again after the first time since it lasted for. ever.

This stuff is good and smells like Heaven (I whole-heartedly agree, Heather) which makes me feel like Heaven and goodness and all things scrunchy pretty.

On the nights/days I do sneak in a shower I love to put this stuff in my hair while it's wet. I feel like it softens it into this silky loveliness I want to run my fingers through all the live long day. It's great!

And, I think it is a little bit of a protector if you end up using heat on your hair at any point. So double the niceness!

Onto my face, I have used this scrub since High School. I have loved it ever since. It cleans my face just the way I think my skin and face want to be cleaned. Seriously. If my face and skin had a voice they would always and forever ask for this stuff.

I had acne in my younger years and while I was in graduate school, so I know how face scrubs can really help or really hurt. I feel like this one has always been gentle enough to work with my skin which can be hard to find - especially at this amazing price (cheap).

So, given that I've used this for forever it's a majorly wonderful cosa that is approved time and time again by ME!

And, last is this moisturizer. Honestly, I love all things St. Ives. I use their body lotion, face scrub, bath soap, and would use anything else under the sun they made if I felt the need to. Their products have never disappointed.


I use this daily and it's wonderfully refreshing. During cold winters it doesn't disappoint either, which is always a plus that could ultimately be a deal breaker in the world of face moisturizers. No deal-breaker happenings for this stuff. It's wonderful!

That's all for these quick five faves! Thanks for stopping by and hope you'll enjoy any or all of these products at some point in your life! They really are wonderful!

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Also, I can't believe Edel is this weekend! I keep saying that. And, I have yet to pack or do anything for it. Probably because I'm so excited and anxious and all. the. emotions. under. the. sun. about it! Shopping my closet and packing manana! Excited to meet all you wonderful women (and nervous too!).


  1. Where can I find one and two? Thanks!

  2. I recently got them at our nearby Walgreens! They had a buy one get another half off sale, which is always nice! I'm pretty sure you can get them at most places though (I think!). If you can't find them nearby there's always but I just saw they are a bit pricier there than what I found them for. Hope this helps!

  3. Fun faves!! I have not used dry shampoo yet, but I might look for this one...and what do you use the texturizing spray for? Can you tell I never use product, like ever? hehe

    1. Gina, the shampoo is fun and quick, which is great! I have a bit of wave (kind of.. not really.. lol) to my hair, so when my hair is damp or after I wake in the morning and it's kind of funny and crinkly, I add the texturizing spray and it gives it more of a wave/scrunched look. Let me know if you get either and what you think!


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