Friday, January 16, 2015

Quick-takes, Beauty Finds, and 2/52

Back for some Quick-Takes, Finding Beauty Friday, 2/52, and some color to black and white photography practice for this mama-tographer thanks to Gina at Someday Saints!

Gina wrote an awesome tutorial on converting color photos to black and white while using PicMonkey! Britt also gave me a few pointers, so I'm trying to get my practice on and improve on a hobby that brings me joy!

2/52 includes me taking a portrait of my boys, weekly. This week I grabbed pics of the boys up close, and in action. And, for fun I added a pup photo as well as black and white conversions!


Linus. 1 (Almost 2). Daring. Adventurous. Climber. Cutie.

 Seeker. Lover of being outside. His brother's parrot.

Bigfoot. 3. Loves to swing. Sunshine days. And drumming.

Adores running. Being chased. And, all things football.

 Brothers. Love post-nap show and snacks, snuggling during said time, and sharing snacks.
 Love their pup, playing explorer inside, and puzzles.
 Lily. Known as our little fluff. Loves the warm sun, snuggling, and following the boys.
Also loves barking at any noise she thinks she hears, peanut butter, and belly-scratches.
We've been able to get out and play in the sun twice! Make puzzles galore. Color in large amazon boxes. And, again, slowly but surely get more accustomed to the rhythm of our home.

Each day we grow and gain a little more know-how of what works and what doesn't. Such is life and this is good. Just praying for the patience and grace to enjoy the ebb as much as the flow!


  1. These pictures are all so beautiful and full of love!

  2. Great pictures! Are most of your pictures with your phone still? I know previously you had mentioned misplacing the card for your camera. If so, What kind of phone do you have? I'm starting to look at getting a new one and top priority is a better camera. Mine is terrible right now and can't capture motion... Which doesn't work well for a toddler on the go.

  3. I love how black and white can change the feel of a photo! I love doing this to some of my favorite photos. Great captures!

    Here are some of my favorites that I changed once:


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