Thursday, June 18, 2015

mommyhood // love and bumps, bumps and love

I never know where to start when I take unprompted blog breaks. I think of starting with the what I've been up to is always good. Just jumping back in, you know?

Then I think, why not just get straight to it and share why I've been on break. I'm sure in the blog world blog breaks can mean one of a few things. All good, surely, since God's time is kind of wonderful. And I'm sure a few of you have been wondering.

But then I think, let's trace back to where we left off. It's been a good four weeks or so. And lots has happened. My babies aren't babies anymore and they keep reminding me of this truth. Growing in love and character every day with or without my help.

Let's start with my parents and grandmother visiting over Memorial Day weekend. There was tons of rainy and stormy weather but good memories filled with love were had. As always.

And then there was a lot more rain and indoor days.

Moving on to buzzy-cuts. The boys got them. And love them.

All that indoor fun was proceeded by some more indoor fun in the form of build time with daddy.

Meanwhile, we've been dealing with the little bit of mess all the rain in May left us with relating to our house. I tell you what, nothing will reveal your problem areas like 26 out of 29 days of constant rain and storm. Needless to say, we've been busy with all that fun.

Then there's my oldest son who is turning four this weekend. My heart can't wrap around this fact at all. I still remember his tiny little self snuggled up against my chest. Now he's a little pretzel that finds ways to still make snuggling happen because he's just really sweet like that. Always has been. And I pray, always will be.

And then there was this beautiful event.

My brother asked his beautiful girlfriend to be his beautiful fiance. We couldn't be more happy for them both. God is good and this has just been such a gift of love and goodness. I love seeing my brother happy. I've never seen him more himself and alive with another person. For that, I'm grateful. Forever grateful. So, please share some prayers for this beautiful journey of engagement and matrimony that this sweet couple has ahead of them.

Speaking of adding to the family... Yes. I am going where you think I'm going. I forgot to mention Mother's day. Mother's day this year was a lovely one. I was spoiled with cards, yummy and delicious foods and some quiet time. My heart delighted in spending the day with our little family so very much, not only because we were together, but because we were together plus one
I had an idea, but I didn't. But then I took the test and well...hello, sweet little one. To say we were over the moon is an understatement. We've prayed for this little one and are so very thankful for the gift of another little soul to share our lives and love with.

Honestly, infertility was the name of the game for almost a year. We weren't to worried yet nor had met with our doctor only because of my recent back injury. We figured between nursing and the stress from the injury, my body just needed time to figure itself out again.

But then, Lent happened, and we changed our diet (gluten-free, grain-free, diary-free - already been on this little road since the boys - and sugar free), prayed, and were open. God met us where we were. In our little ways, He shared with us. And is asking us to trust Him in big ways. As much as we prayed for this little one, fear for my back not being able to hold has gotten a hold of me a number of times. I'm much more sensitive to it all, but am desperately trying to trust, be present, and be grateful. There's no room for anything else. Not when there's life. Not when there's a gift. 
So please join me for another prayer request and pray for our journey. Pray for my body. Pray for our sweet little one. And pray for His Will to be met with my joy and obedience, always. Or at least as often as my humanly self can!

* * *

There you have it y'all! An update about where I've been. A midst random colds, allergies, and first trimester crumminess (which really hasn't been so bad, thank you Lord and little one!) I've been enjoying quite a few burgers with jalepenos and avocado, ginger ale, kale chips, all the amazing events shared above, as well as random little bumps and nudges that this little one already has been sharing with me!

Till next time y'all! Which may just be another week or so! Our 10 week old little one and I will be soaking up this good life God has been so kind to share with us!


  1. God is so so good! Sending prayers your way.

  2. Oh congratulations! What wonderful news!!! I'll be praying for you all :)

  3. Congratulations! Prayers for your beautiful family.

  4. So so so happy for you all! And continued prayers for a strong back and healthy baby and pregnancy!

  5. Congratulations! I will be praying for you! :)

  6. I was hoping that would be your news! So happy for you and your family!
    As far as your soon to be four year old... My first born will be four in July so I know exactly how you feel - so bittersweet watching them grow!
    Prayers for you & baby!

  7. Ahh, I commented earlier and it didn't go though! I am so thrilled for you! This is just the best news ever, Amanda! And, I'm excited we get to do this together! Much love and prayers, sweet friend!

  8. Oh you darling momma! So deeply happy for you and yes, many prayers! Love to all of you.

  9. Oh Amanda! I have been praying for your family the last few months. I don't know what it was, other than the Holy Spirit, but I had this urge to just lift you up and I am so excited to continue to pray for you all and the new addition!! I am crying happy tears right now (which may have something to do with my own pregnancy hormones)! Wonderful news!!
    This is Becca not Jason :-)

  10. Congrats, Amanda! You look radiant in those photos! Such exciting news!

  11. Congrats! You look so beautiful. Many prayers for a back pain free pregnancy.

  12. Congratulations, Amanda!!! Praying all goes well!
    Loved all the beautiful photo updates!

  13. Congratulations!!!! What a blessed Mother's Day:)

  14. Congratulations, Amanda!! You look great!!

  15. <3 Congrats again, my sweet blogging friend!!

  16. <3!!!! Congratulations! Be assured of my prayers. How amazingly wonderful! I saw the picture of you and your dad and wondered....yay baby!!

  17. I'm just so excited for you Amanda! God is so good. I will pray for you and your sweet little one and the rest of your family, and your healing is always in my prayers.


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