Friday, September 11, 2015

twenty-four & twenty-five // horsetrack


Bigfoot. He was 3 here. That smile. His sweetness. So good! Loves being silly, his Uncle Godfather who brought us all to this horse racetrack, and togetherness. 
Linus. 2. Silly, funny, and such a character. When asked to smile, this is what he does. Eye squint with a tiny tilt at one corner of his mouth. Loves loves loves horses, horses, horses. This horse racetrack was absolute heaven for him.


Bigfoot. 3 here. Loves all things physically challenging, rough play, and the fact that the horse he bet a quarter on, won!
Linus. 2. Loved his experience at the racetrack, was excited his horse came in third, and to this day prays in thanksgiving for hosetwack every. single. night. Seriously, it's been three months of thankful prayers during family prayer time.

Slowly but surely, I'm catching up!

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