Saturday, November 7, 2015

finding beauty // little big moments

"All the wealth in the world cannot be compared with the happiness of living together happily united."

-Blessed Margaret d’Youville

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of witnessing two of our loved ones become happily united. The weekend was full and good.

Love and smiles abounded. Hugs and embraces, everywhere. Sunshine and breezes, beautiful. Friends and family, by the crowds.

As much as exhaustion and fatigue set in all too quickly for this preggo mcpreggoson the presence of family and the joy in this beloved couple kept me going going going.

What also kept me going going going were the little big moments that filled the weekend with so much love and goodness and beauty. I snapped photos here and there of family moments - big and small - all that filled my heart.

These little sweet memories are what the present moment is filled with. Life. Looks. Light. Love. Hugs. Being held. Sharing stories. Sharing meals. Sharing. Coffee. Comfort. Kindness. Blankets. Mornings. Snuggles. Sleeping. Rushing. Time. Togetherness. Getting dressed. Preparing. Loving. Embracing. Seeing. Knowing. Laughing. and More.

Through it all our family made so many lovely memories before, during, and after this beautiful event and these are some of my favorites!
Smiles, Joy, and Snuggles.
Dancing. Exploring, and Fun.
Loving, Exciting, and a soon to be Aunt.
Uncles, Play, and the Little Things.
Snails, Bouncing balls, and Happy Hands.
Grandparents, Kickball, and Sunshine.
All the Joy, Authenticity, and Togetherness.
Time, Breezes, and Moments.
Storytelling over breakfasts, Porch Chats, and Coffee.
Blankets, Smiles, and all the Magic.
Sillies, Family, Moments they'll Never Forget.
Relationships, Friendships, Forever Forming.

I'm telling you. The little things. They make life lovely.

The landscape He provides us is rich and beautiful, always. The goodness that is waiting to be found and held is so incredible! And, the Truth that reigns in the love that is had by so many created in Goodness and Love can't help but radiate a Peace and Joy that surpasses all understanding.

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  1. I remember well the exhaustion of pregnancy and how difficult that constant fatigue makes it to enjoy things. But I love your perspective and motivation here! What beautiful memories you have created that your family will cherish for the rest of their lives.
    That quote in the beginning is so perfect! I just love it.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend - and I hope you can sneak in a little time to rest! ;)

  2. What a gorgeous couple. Beautiful photos, too. <3


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