Monday, March 28, 2016

the side of love // claiming the good

"Cheerfulness strengthens the heart and makes us persevere in a good life. Therefore, the servant of God ought always to be in good spirits."

-St. Philip Neri

Prior, the saints were so good at claiming His Truths and sharing wisdom with their words. That was their gift! They weren't random ramblers like I. So when I read St. Philip Neri's words, my heart leaped, rested in them, and tried to claim them. 

In my efforts to claim Neri's wisdom and encouragement, I rambled in my own little rambling way which is now in the form of a draft post on my dashboard. After I got my rambles out, I decided that the best way I can claim my moments today, filled of cheerfulness and good spirits, is by sharing these moments of love that happened over our last month.

So here I am claiming my moments filled with cheerfulness and good spirits through my lens. It's what I have and I'm thankful for it!

Our precious napper.
It was somebunny's first Easter!
Family photo for the win!
These boys in all their awesome brotherness.
Seriously! I love their love for each other!
Days outside.
Big brother snuggles.
St. Joseph's feast day was hit.
Love this man and how he loves us.
Days spent doing what he loves to do - dragons and knights, knights and dragons.
Meanwhile, our little athlete enjoying the sunshine, sports, and racing his shadow.
The first time Linus held Dandelion was a sweet one.
Sweetheart was baptized and it was filled with all kinds of beauty and love.
Gifts from family, friends, and loved ones have been generous and kind!
Her smiles! Her giggles! So much good!
Rainy days are best together.
Bigfoot is growing so quickly! This moment below, my husband and I thought the exact same thing...he won't be small enough to pick up for much longer. Oh. my. heart!
My happy place is definitely one filled with sunshine and snuggles.
Our sweet sleeper.
Park days have been the best!
Mama hasn't been experiencing her typical creative outlet of blogging but she has been crafting up a little comfy storm over here and loving it.
Milk drunk smiles.
A girl after her mama's blanket loving heart.
Open windows, cool breezes, and all the bugs this little container can manage.
More mama crafting fun!
More of our sleepy angel who has been such a treasure in this department. As much as I'm tired and physically achy from healing, regaining my strength, and wanting a bit more sleep, she really has been such a good sleeper!
Finished projects feel so good!
And this moment, this day, was definitely one of my favorites over this last month. She giggled every time he poured water over her head. It was the sweetest.
Happy Easter, friends! May your days be filled with little moments that share His Face and Goodness!


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