Monday, December 19, 2016

childhood // four months of dandelion

Four months of Dandelion was just as sweet as the last three! She was snuggly, coo-ing, gentle, and so good at sleeping!

Mama finished her crochet blanket. It's the second I ever made, but the first that required piecing together + a border. I filled it with as much prayers I could and hope that she finds comfort in it in years to come.
She's a determined one. She doesn't really fuss when she has tummy time. And her lifts are higher and higher with each attempt.
These boys. They adore her more with each day.
She loves her mama and her mama loves her. If my arms had the strength to hold her all the live long day, I would.
All the sweetness. Nursing has been so much more smooth than with the boys. The trials I had with the boys were hard but worth it, and now here I am with a sweet nurser who has been gentle in a way that my heart needed.
Daddy and I had a date night. Our first since she was born, maybe? Can't remember exactly! Oops! See, this is why I need to do these things quick! My memory is already failing me!
Uncle A and Aunt Bekah came to meet you! Twas beautiful!
Lots of time outside on mama's favorite bench while your big brothers scampered around battling dragons, climbing, and playing sports.
Dandelion took a road trip! We joined the beautiful, Jenny, from The Littlest Way to a conference for Texas Catholic Bloggers. As much as it was surreal to be surrounded by such beautiful and gifted women, I have to admit that it was the most physically challenging post-partum endeavor I have taken on thus far. Sweet girl was having a growth spurt and nursing round the clock and my post-cesarean body was apparently needing some more rest time.

It's funny how that happens. She had been the most docile little one we've met to date. But that weekend, away from her daddy, brothers, and home, she revealed to me her awareness of our little family. I'm pretty sure our sweet one, as much as she loved being held and snuggled by so many amazing bloggers I'm thankful to call friends, missed the men in her life. Not something I had planned for nor had I prepared for the need to rest more than what a day filled with fun and fellowship would entail. Either way, by God's good grace, we were there and it was good. ;)

I have to say, being surrounded by women who make the internet an incredibly good place was inspiring. Their work, their words, their hearts, and presence are such gifts! God has truly blessed the good ol' www with many a talented, kind, thoughtful and brilliant heart that seek to share His Good and Faithful Presence in as many nooks as possible.

But, given my mind and heart were a little on the frazzled side, one of my biggest take-aways was the moment below. As much as my body ached for rest and home, the hands and hearts of my husband and boys ached to see their sweet little bundle of pink!

As soon as the boys awoke from their naps, they weren't searching for me, as much as they did miss me, they were searching for their sister. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen and will keep in my heart forever and ever and ever. Amen.
Brilliant and beautiful, these ladies are! Truly!
This may have been around 1 in the AM. I hadn't put my nighty on yet but still did have this sweet girl to snuggle and nurse.
This fourth month surrounded our sweet Dandelion with lots of love, dragons, family goodness and family crazy.
And through it all, we still have to pinch ourselves to realize the gift of love that God has shared with our family through this little girl.
Dandelion's fourth month was adventurous and good. She is beautiful, feminine, and all things lovely. She's chatty and smiley and loves people (especially her people). Healthy, thanks be to God, and growing as God has intended, one day at a time. 

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