Friday, September 9, 2011

blessed monotony

He awakens. He stretches. He smiles. He coos. He snuggles. He eats. He smiles. We have some play time. He observes. He turns his head to my voice. He smiles. He gets tired. He takes his nap.

The above put on repeat is what my days are filled with - mixed in with:

Smiles when I kiss his toesies. Smiles when he’s falling asleep. Smiles when you make funny noises, when daddy gets home, when he hears daddy’s voice and more. He giggles when daddy rubs his scruffy beard on the bottoms of his feet and smiles at a good book. This one. He smiles.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

Bigfoot has been such a gift to us. The more days pass, the more the goodness of being this little man’s mama fills me. Undeservedly, I get to enjoy the oodles of pure goodness that just pours forth from the little life that was once within my womb. By the grace of God and only by His grace have I been able to cooperate with my God in such a beautiful way.

My son fills my heart with so much happiness and all I feel called to do is love Bigfoot - love him the very best that I humanly can so that he may come to know the loving God that created him. The kind Lord who shared him with us in the first place.

I’m so thankful for my vocation. I love being Geekman’s wife and I love being Bigfoot’s mama. I’m thankful for where we are as a family. And I’m thankful for each moment that I get to experience everyday. Granted, not every moment is sunshine and laughter,but those are the moments that bring me closer to the woman I am called to be according to Him.

When he cries, I get to hold and comfort him. When he’s fussy because he’s tired I get to rock him, bounce with him, and whatever else that will bring him calm. When he leaves me presents in his diaper I clean him/change him and call him “stinky butt” (which usually gets a smile that makes diaper changes kinda fun). When he wakes up in the middle of the night I get him, feed him and put him back to sleep. When he wants to be held I hold him. When he wants me to stand and not sit, I stand (I think babies have radars that alerts them the moment you even think about sitting and triggers a particular cry that ultimately translates to “stand or my cry will escalate”). And the list goes on.

So, I guess, in writing this post, I wanted to share my happy heart with all of you. And also, share it with myself as a reminder. A post I can return to during those times of sleep deprivation, fussiness, my laziness, my selfishness, my weaknesses, my crankiness, and all the other not great things about me that come up and prevent me from truly embracing the good in everything. A post that will remind me that I am exactly where I want to be and where I am called to be. A truth that is beautiful because it is of Him who loves me.

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