Friday, September 16, 2011

oh sweet baby

Baby Bigfoot has turned over!!! It happened with no warning whatsoever just four days ago! I never knew what to expect when I would see my little man turn over, but it was such a moment! Probably because I was caught off guard and wasn’t expecting it, but I was absolutely elated! I even got teary eyed I was so happy and proud.

*AND* on top of the fun turn over (tummy to back), Bigfoot is consistently sleeping for 6-7 hour stretches! Also, last night, he slept for a whopping *nine* HOURS! I kept waking up between hour six and hour nine wondering if this was really happening lol Needless to say, but I am a huge fan of this new skill and look forward to him getting more sleepy time during the night.

So, on top of all the smiles and baby laughter, our little man has added these two fun new skills to his repertoire.


Bigfoot’s biggest fan :-)

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