Friday, October 11, 2013

7QT: Comets, Apples, and Dada is a thief

It's been awhile since I joined Jen for some Quick Takes. So, here we go with some Bigfoot moments.

Bigfoot at the table for breakfast looking outside:

Bigfoot: You thee da comet, mama? You thee it?
Mama: Comet? Where sweetheart?
B: (pointing outside) Wight dere! Wight dere! 
M: No, sweetheart, I don't see it. What does it look like?
B: It's wiighhtt dereeeee, mama!

Apparently there are comets outside our home.


Same day he asked for some juice after breakfast. I obliged.

B: (I'm pouring his glass) Good job, Ma-ma! Good job!

Thanks for the appreciation, little one. I've been racking up some Good jobs!, lately. Feelin' good!

Bigfoot while standing with one hand pointing up to the sky and the other on his hip.

B: I'm STHuperMannn!
M: You're superman!!
B: In da hoop, mama! In da hoop! Put it!
M: Haha, You want me to fly you through your basketball hoop?
B: Yethhh!


When he's ready to go somewhere.

B: Put it? Put it, broler? Put it broler in the carpet?
M: You want me to put brother in the carseat?
B: Yeth!

After being told that his friends were coming over to play.

B: (Dancing around in a circle in the living room) I sthoo happy! I stho happy! I happy! I happy!

As of late:

M: Sweetheart, where is your sippy cup?
B: Dada hath it.
M: Sweetheart, where are the keys?
B: Dada hath it!
Seeing the trend here? Apparently, Dada has a stash of all things that I am ever in search of while he's at work and we're at home.

After he has done something mischevious that he knows I would rather him not do:

B: (Walks around the corner): No no nooo. No no nooo. *finger wagging*
M: Bigfoot, what did you just do? 
B: All smiles with an ongoing finger wag.

We normally do fruit for dessert around here, but these moments happen pretty often:

M: Bigfoot, would you like an apple or a pear?
B: mmmm, how abooot...chewy sthnacks?
M: mmm, how about, an apple or a pear? Which would you like?
B: mmmm marthmall-oh?
M: mm pretty sure I didn't offer a marshmallow or chew snacks. But I did ask if you wanted an apple or a pear.
B: chewy sthnacks, mama? Ok, dank you!
M: Apple it is.
B: (excited) APPLE!!! 

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    1. Thank you! He is pretty fun. I have some new good ones to share too! lol

  2. What an absolute cutie! I always love getting commended for my good behavior by the kids, too :P


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