Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Five Favorites: Bigfoot

Thought I'd share some favorites of my oldest. He's growing so fast! He's learning so much! As is my love for him. Everyday.

1. Reading Fun
I love when he goes off to a corner to read through some of his current favorites. It's so sweet! Often times how it goes is he will randomly scurry off to his room. I'll leave him to play and then realize that he is unusually quiet. The kind of quiet that means trouble for a toddling two year old. 
So, you can imagine my delight when I find him comfy and cozy with some good reads.
Love it!

2. Big Brother Love
He is such a good big brother! Yes, we do have the occasional attack of the big brother that include but are not limited to: head smacks, eye poking, toy stealing (all. day. long.), or the attempt at wrestling that leads to injury for one, the other, or both. Aside from these not-so-hot moments, I love these boys' interactions and absolutely am so proud of how wonderful Bigfoot is as a big brother.
He's usually pretty good about gently wrestling with his brother. Or letting his brother crawl all over him. Pretty sure he revels in it, which makes it all that much sweeter.

And the times that make my heart smile is when he steals a kiss to his brother's cheeks or forehead.
He's an affectionate one, and I absolutely love this about him!

3. Outside
This little man lives for the outdoors. He lights up when he is running outside, playing with sticks and dirt, following bugs, and kicking or throwing whatever sports ball he can find.
When he sees chalk he sees a stick. He's not one to sit around and draw. He's the one who throws, breaks, stacks, lines up, or whatever else his little boy imagination thinks up to do with sticks.
Lately he's been all about "building". Building for this sweet boy is anywhere from stacking to lining up to grouping things by color. It's fun for him and hard earned. 

Chalks and actual sticks make for an even better time.
I love that he loves being outside. He definitely gets this from his mama. And Texas fall weather is just the perfect friend to let our little family enjoy playing in the sunshine that much more!

4. Prayer, Songs, Dancing, & Joy
Our sweet boy is such a good little prayer warrior. I never could have imagined the sweetness that spills from his little heart.

He prays for our families and friends every night. We sing a Hail Mary before nap time (seriously, the absolute sweetest thing my heart has ever heard. ever. ever. ever.). He can say most of the Our Father with you. And, it's all pretty beautiful.
He also is quite the singer: Old Mcdonald, ABCs, songs from Daniel Tiger, Happy Birthday, LeapFrog songs, and more. It's awesome! And you can be sure when the boy hears music or is singing something up-beat he is dancing his sweet little moves.

All this to share, because the incredible Joy this little one shares with our little family teaches us so much about love, living in the present moment, and choosing the good!

5. Sweetheart
 The boy is a treasure. His heart is so good and love so sweet.
I just pray that more of it rubs off on me! This boy has so much to share!
And I just feel so incredibly blessed our Sweet Lord thought to share this goodness with me!


Hope you enjoyed a few of my favorites about our oldest son, Bigfoot!
Head on over to MoxieWife for more favorites.

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