Sunday, March 2, 2014

{7in7} Weekends with Chesterton: Fear

I read this earlier and really appreciated the truth of it. I haven't organized my thoughts on it, but wanted to share it still.

And later today, I stumbled across this next quote from Chesterton. Such bold words. And, such an interesting conversation on how modernists tend to look towards the future and the reason he finds it to be so. The few paragraphs where he talks about our fear for the greatness that have gone before us really struck me. I've never given much thought to our tendency to the future. Futuristic movies. What it will be like in X years. Novels written with future ideals and so on.
But, what a gift all who have gone before us have given! Their boldness. Courage. Love of beauty and pursuits of virtue. The bars have been set. All the way back to Christ himself. 

Prayers for all of you while we humbly enter into this season of Lent. A season that invites us to walk alongside our Lord. Prayers that we all are able to boldly look back and endure the great responsibilities of love that our Lord has shared with us.

Also, I've been linking up with Jen for 7 posts in 7 days Challenge all week. I was able to make 6, which works for me. Thanks, Jen for encouraging us all to share more!


  1. That is such an interesting perspective....that fear is at the root of other errors and sins like disrespect, ungratefulness, pride and laziness. Leave it to Chesterton to go deep and wide in seeing the meaning of things.

    1. Isn't it? While I was reading, I had to re-read and re-read just to try to wrap my brain around it all. And, all the while, I was being reminded of "Do not be afraid." written throughout scripture and encouraged by Blessed JPII.

  2. Oh my, that second quote is setting my wheels to spinning. I'm pinning it to our Chesterton board! That has some real implications. I don't know what they are (yet), but... WOW. Thanks for this!

    1. Sarah, talk about wheels spinning, you should go enjoy the other enticing paragraphs around the quote. Its so challenging and in your face. Especially given the narcissism that is rampant in our culture these days. All very interesting.


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