Friday, February 28, 2014

{7in7} 7QT: Lo siento

--- 1 ---
Okay, I got nothing. The week has been loooong, and I haven't had enough chocolate or ice-cream to compensate the length. Honestly, thinking back I am amazed that I have managed to put up five posts. Not because I can't ramble or click publish, but because my mush brain really is having trouble recalling it. So, these quick-takes will not only be quick, but they will be mushy-brained random.

My apologies!

--- 2 ---
Ha. After typing the last quick take I really got nothing. Gee-whiz! I'm trying to search my brain in hopes that something will flow but I'm struggling. So, we'll just skip this quick-take and try again.

--- 3 ---

...I know! How about a gratitude recap?

I'm still so very thankful for our new home! And, I know I'll be even more excited once we are actually moved in. For now, though, I'm just thankful we have a house to move in to. We're homeowners! That aren't living in the home we own... Haha.

As much as I dislike moving, I'm so happy we are moving in to a home that will be our home for years to come. I'm also thankful that we don't have to rush to move in. After getting hit with mastitis and being on antibiotics for 10 days (yuck!)!! I'm glad that we can take our time to pack, to unpack, and to make our new home, home-y

Speaking of gratitude, I spoke to Sister Kathleen (You know, Special K, the sweetest, most Christ-like spiritual director I had the privilege to meet with regularly while I lived in Houston.). I always love talking to her but this time just broke my heart. Since last year she has been having some health issues that took a turn for the worse in January. Ultimately she said her back is slowly breaking and even with some PT, she is still very immobile.

I know how much she loved her independence and walking from place to place so I can't imagine how trying this has been for her. I also know that she typically tries to keep a strong front, but the weakness I heard in her voice made me cry. You can tell her strength is failing her. 

So, if you all wouldn't mind, please pray for sweet Sister. Read more about her here and here

Okay, back to the blah. Still struggling. I have no flow right now. No flow of thoughts. Nothing coherent. It's been a long and busy week that has me physically weary. And, usually if I'm physically tired my brain decides to sleep without me. Any others out there get the same way? No? Yes? Maybe? 

Either way, my apologies!

In fact, I need to make up for the majority of this post. If you've read up to this point, God bless you! If not, I definitely don't blame you! But, as an apology I'll share something with you that always makes me laugh. If ever in need for a giggle, this photo is what does it for me. Every. Time.

Before I get to the photo, I'll just ask if you all have kiddos that actually play with the abundance of toys they have in their room or play room? I know mine don't. They tend to find anything and everything that is non-toy and play with it until they get caught or I give up. I'm talking about spoons that they ate a meal with, cups that they are drinking, trash cans, my glasses, piles of clothes that I have folded, laundry bins, cabinets, candle holders, boxes, diapers, vicks tub, socks, the wall, the floor, carpet fuzzies, random leaf that blew in while the door was open, shoes....oh, I could go on with the non-toys that consume the interest of my boys. It amazes me. We have a room full of toys. Toy bins with toys in it. Toys that they seemed to be excited about when they first received it only to forget that it even exists within days. Even with prompting! 

Well friends, this photo right here is a gem that I stumbled upon. I connected with it so much that I imagined myself as Russell Crowe standing there. Same pose. Same face. Same words. This is me. Multiple times a day. Everyday.

Maybe I should invest in the sword. Surely the boys would play with that one, right? Or maybe a sword would be asking for too many boy fights that would inevitably result in injury or a need for mama to help keep the peace?

Nah. No more toys. Amazon boxes and random leafs forever. And ever. Amen.


Thanks for hanging in there on probably the most blahhhh (minus the requested prayers for Sister!) quick-takes ever. ever. ever.

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  1. I hope you recover soon and good luck with your move!!
    God Bless,

    1. Amy! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I'm doing much much better now! Thank, God! The move, going much slower than we'd like but at least it's indefinitely happening within the next two weeks! Can't wait till our first night!

  2. Replies
    1. Bahaha! I know, Morgan! I come back to this post just to see this picture and get a laugh :)


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