Monday, February 3, 2014

9, 10, 11...

Sweetest little Linus, time is flying past us and you can bet that Dada, brother, and myself are desperately trying to soak you up as much as possible. You are precious. You are silly. You are so many things! The last months up to your birthday are the months that always seem to get away from me. So, forgive me for being so delayed with your monthly updates!!!

Without further ado, onto months 9, 10, and 11!
Month 9 - October
  • You crawl. You are a master crawler. You are a fast crawler. You are skilled crawler. You are owning the crawling mode of transportation.
  • Not only are you owning the crawl but you have falling down safely down-pat! You are pretty graceful for your age (or at least I think so.) Some babies don't look before they throw their little selves to the ground. But you, my dear, do. And, I could not be more grateful to you for it!
  • And, guess what? You're pulling up and cruising! You little, tiny, man! 
  • And, seeing how you like to impress, you decided you would pull up and walk with a push walker! So very impressed with you!\
  • Playdates galore my sweet! We've been able to spend lots of time with our friends and your Godparents this month. The weather has been so kind and schedules have just been lining up. It's been FUN!
  • Bible Study has been going strong this month too. This is great because the next three months we met only a handful of times rather than weekly. The winter weather and cold season kept us indoors and away from playdates way too long!
  • You continue to eat very well. You've tried a variety of new veggies and are apparently a fan of meat!
  • We started house-hunting this month. A very exciting time for our little family!
  • We danced on the Feast of St. Cecilia. 
Month 10 - November

  • You and your brother are interacting a bit more and it's so sweet.
  • Speaking of your brother, you love him. And, he loves you. A. Lot.
  • You are growing into quite the snuggler. I didn't think this would be you, but you are proving to be full of surprises.
  • You are playing catch! You are "tossing" balls. You also ask for others to catch ("Ca. Ca. Ca." for "Catch" and "Th, Th. Th." for "Throw"). Works for me and it's kind of amazing. 
  • It's obvious you look up to your big brother and try to do as he does. Some days this makes me so happy and others a bit worrisome. Your brother has a tendency for running into things, throwing himself on the floor for fun, tackling, and all things boy.
  • We spent Thanksgiving at home this year. Papa Ram and Nana were here for some fun and snuggles. Uncle Myke and Erin too.
  • You still aren't the best sleeper. We've taken to co-sleeping, but my dear we need to do something about your pain threshold. It is very loowwwww. 
  • Nursing continues to go very well.
  • Your allergies (seasonal) were acting up. You had a runny nose for a little while that lead to some congestion. At the end of it all you caught a quick virus (few days of fever, that lead to a fun rash all over your body). Thankfully the rash was short lived and you handled the fever like a champ (mostly, but who could blame you).
  • You are sporting size 12 month and growing well. 
  • We went to cousin B's basketball game. Your first! Even though you weren't feeling well, I'm pretty sure you enjoyed it.
  • You're saying Ma..Ma..Ma... and Da...da...da..
  • We went on our Bible Study Weekend Vacation and it was great.
Month 11 - December
  • You sprouted two more teeth. This month was a very bad month for your teething. The end of your last month to this one has brought about three new little pearly bandits. You rocked my world of sleep like it's never been rocked. And, by the grace of God we are doing alright. I will not feel bad when those little teeth are no longer and your new permanent ones are here to stay. Just sayin'.
  • We traveled for the holidays and came back with the flu. Even you, my sweet. It was miserable having it as a family. But, more miserable that you had to get it too. I guess there aren't too many things to do when you have to make a 10 hour drive.
  • You traveled amazingly this time around. Best trips to date. We were so proud!
  • When you're well, you are always ready for a smile or laugh.
  • You're ticklish.
  • I love our nursing relationship and am so grateful for the bond we have through it! It's so beautiful!
  • Icepocalypse happened this month. This cold season has really thrown us off our tendency to get out and play with friends. Come spring, there's no holding back little one!
  • You love Uncle Godfather. You are able to recognize him and go to him pretty quickly. He's able to make you laugh and play and it's so fun to see. 
  • 12-18 months clothing for you my little growing one. I sometimes even put you in your brothers 2T shirts and roll up the sleeves. They work and you're comfy.
  • You say "hey" to your dada when he gets home from work. You're always so excited to see him!
  • You're so ticklish!
  • You are a great cruiser!
  • You look for your brother.
  • You are talking/babbling so much more!
  • You love Lily our pup.
  • You give open mouth kisses. 
  • You're starting to wave hello.
  • You chase your brother and love to wrestle him.
  • You are a meat-eater for sure! Then comes fruit. Next veggies. And, lastly carbs. 
  • You are so good at entertaining yourself. You can play and crawl around so well.
  • You give the sweetest snuggles.
  • You love to charge and climb all over all of us. You smile and laugh and it's wonderful.
  • You still are sporting your oh-so-adorable dimples.
My little Linus, you keep us on our toes. You are full of smiles and energy. You love our little family and make my heart smile. We are looking forward to celebrating your birthday this coming weekend! Thank you for your goodness. Thank you for your sweetness, snuggles, and silliness.

God bless you, Linus. And, Mother Mary hold you in her praying heart always. 


St. John Bosco, pray for us.
St. John the Beloved, pray for us.

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