Monday, February 17, 2014

Because I want to remember...

the little things.
Your sweet little shoes.

That wrap these precious toesies.

The way you love to play with all sports balls under the sun.
I want to remember your squishy cheeks.
The ones I love to kiss.

I want to remember your sweet baby hands that you cling to me with. The ones that you like to stick in my mouth for fun as well as give high-fives with.

Especially love how you watch your brother. Your love for him is precious.

I want to remember your silly baby hair. The hair that grows at different lengths but is so very soft!

I want to remember your little brown eyes. The ones that you see me with. The little eyes that say so much.
 And your little mouth that gives me your little baby kisses.

I want to remember. I want to always remember sweet little you, as you were today. 

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