Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Answer Me This: Rough Weeks

With a deadline behind us and a 24-hour programming work party before us, rough weeks have been had and there's still a little roughness to come. Amazingly, even though the hours have been long and exhausting, I can definitely say that His Grace has brought me through the craze fairly unharmed. Tired? Yes. Exhausted, physically and somewhat mentally? Yes. Sore from all the baby carrying and putting the both boys, two and under down for naps and bedtime? Yes. Desperately seeking a way to carve out just 30 measly minutes of uninterrupted time so I can sip warm coffee, or blog, or, or, or...? Yes.

Thankfully, I think I have that smidge of time I've been seeking! (So, I'm technically blogging away during a miracle. An actual miracle. This is my golden unicorn, folks. Time. Quiet time. To sit, think, reflect, and share. Welcome to my unicorn!)

So, for today, I will be doing another round of Answer Me This with Kendra at Catholic All Year. She is on a European trip with her beautiful family (Kendra, I'm pretty sure Scott Hahn is on a similar trip. If you don't follow him on Facebook, you should check it out! You were both posting photos of Lourdes at the same time!). How amazing is that? Europe with your family!?! Maybe one day we'll be able to do something similar. It would be a dream come true!

1. What's the scariest thing that's ever been in your yard?
What about in your home? We lived in an apartment prior to buying our new home and had an absolutely awful experience with bees! And a wasp. These were two separate experiences but I'm terrified of both. 

The bee situation was all kinds of AWFUL! There were bees coming from somewhere in the wall in our master bedroom. The same room where the baby boy would typically sleep. And us, of course. They came out during the day and completely randomly. And, while I know bees are kind of a big deal right now and we should take care of them etc etc etc But you can bet I was knocking them dead as soon as I could. Is that awful? Honestly, I have only a tiny bit of remorse. Bees do not belong in doors. Ever. And, these were. Somehow. 

Strangely, we never discovered the source and after a couple dozen random bee sightings, they were no more. If there was a hive in the wall somewhere, I hope the apartment figures it out. We had a number of people come out to check things out, but nothing was ever done. I'm just glad we came out of unharmed. 

The black wasp incident was something from my nightmares. Somehow this little beast made its way inside. I say beast because it was so terrible. It charged! and Charged! And Charged at me! or the dog! Or anything that moved. And, as many times I tried to kill it after being charged, it would. not. die! It was quick and clever and would hide out after a charge only to go at us again. 

I made my husband come home from work because I was on the brink of a major panicky breakdown. So, my knight did what all knights do. He came home and rescued us by slaying the beast. 

I don't do things that buzz. They freak me out. 

2. Beards. Thumbs up or thumbs down?
THUMBS UP! I love my husband with a beard, scruff, or shadow. I love it so much he has rarely had a day or time since we married that he has had a clean shave. Mind you, I love his clean shaven face as well, but his face unshaven is what sexy is made of.

Thank you love for always appeasing me in this department. Muah!

3. If stuff breaks, can you fix it?
Hm. I'd like to think I could figure it out. Or at least google it and let google do the figuring while I do the do-ing. But, I really haven't been faced with much to fix. Having lived in an apartment for most my adult life, I've never really needed to.

Only time will tell with this question, now that we are in our home.

4. What was your first car?
My first car was a 1980 MGB. It was my parent's wedding gift to..each other? I think. Either way it was what they got on their wedding day and saved it. 1980 was the last year these fun little cars were made and I always loved it growing up! The picture below is something I found online. Ours was a chocolate brown until I started driving it. My dad painted it a nice blue. 
I was determined to learn to drive stick, which I did, just so I could drive it once I was of age. I loved driving that little car even though the AC didn't really work and it would sometimes die on me. I have the most fond memories of that car and I am forever grateful to my parents for sharing with me such a neat vehicle that carries so many memories for them. My parents still take the MG out for cruises on nice evenings. Cute, aren't they? Love y'all!

5. How often do you eat out?
We try to keep eating out to once a week, but lately, with the late hours and crazy, it's been more than either of us care for (2-3X/week). Oye!

We're all feeling a bit sluggish for it too! And, the toddlers have turned into walking french fries. 

6. Why is your hair like that?
I'm currently growing it out again. Normally, I love having my hair long. But, after having babies, those pesky post-partum hormones that cause shedding till I feel I may go bald are just not fun. So, post-babies the new thing is to cut the length for an uber short and easy do and donate it to Locks of Love.

I've never dyed my hair ever. And, never intend to do so, no matter how much my best friend thinks I should (Sorry, Laura!). The upkeep is way more than I would care for, and the expense is just something I could never justify. Anyways, I'm a food-person, so I'd rather go out and have as many margaritas than spend it on hair product.

Also, my husband loves me and thinks I'm sexy and all that other good stuff, so me au-naturel is what he's going to continue getting!

Thanks for the fun, Kendra! Prayers for the rest of your family trip and travels!

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  1. That car is adorable! And I'm with you on the hair dying - it's SO expensive, and there's no way I want to pay to maintain it when I could buy food instead!


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