Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekends with Chesterton: Daybreak

Source: Unfortunately I cannot find the source on my Facebook feed anymore, nor the web.
Back for some Chesterton love! I found this circulating on Facebook and decided that I would love to own this mug. This is a great mug. One, that I would love to drink coffee out of on the daily.

I've never been much of a morning person. Ever. But, this words from Chesterton speak volumes to me. I do love the crispness and golden glory of mornings. They are fresh. Crisp. Gold. Sweet. And, all things new and lovely.

But, my bed has it's bit of glory characteristics as well! It's soft. Crisp (when sheets are new and fresh). Cozy. Comfy. A tranquility and warmth that invites us to linger and rest.

In the end, I do feel daybreak wins. I used to work at a coffee shop while in college. I took the morning shifts intentionally. I wanted to be forced out of bed. I wanted to greet all the fun morning people with their cup o' joe and to see the day break. I would be setting up the coffee shop for customers inside and out and would always make sure I would catch the sun coming up. It was one of my favorite times.

I wish I could have that same persistence on little sleep with my little ones and their tendency to invite me to their after-hour parties. The middle of the night parties that interrupt my sweet and precious sleep.

Linus has been doing pretty well these past few weeks, with some definite hiccups that involve at least two teeth trying to make their debut. While, Bigfoot has been struggling with sleep regression that involves us staying with him till he fully drifts to dreamland to our voice singing Hail Mary, Gentle Woman, "Haay May-wee, Mama...Hayy May-we..."

Praying that I can find the daybreak glory in staying with my toddler during this phase (please say it's a phase!). I know his sweet self won't always want me next to his bed singing to him into the night. And, I know my sweet Linus won't always want to snuggle with me nor nurse all the days of his life. Praying for grace to enjoy their little sweetness and their need for mama. This time is short. And, I love them. All of them. So, praying for the grace to meet them where they are as I know my God does on the daily with me.

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  1. I worked night shift for a while before I was married and the break of day was the most glorious thing after a long night of staying awake!

    1. It really is! While I was working as an interpreter I had some late hospital jobs that had me there to see the daybreak. Glorious, indeed.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. The only solution to the problem is to go to bed really early, and that is truly hard, seemingly at any stage of life, for me. I love your description of the mornings and your bed. :-)

    1. Being such a night owl the tried and true solution of going to bed early is so hard for me too! Maybe some day... Who knows? Thanks for stopping by, Gretchen! Loved having you and looking around your beautiful blog space too! :)


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