Sunday, August 10, 2014

Little tasks and donuts

We're doing a little bit of embracing my ordinary and sharing a little tidbit of extraordinary today.

To start, there are some things I really enjoy given the right ambiance. For instance, I will fold clothes all day if I can do it uninterrupted, to Ella Fitzgerald, and to it's completion. I actually enjoy it. It's a little task that allows me to be still and focus on the little ways I can serve my family and home.

Now, to be honest, with two little monkeys running around on the daily, uninterrupted is just not something that happens. And, to completion, is yet another one of those challenging non-happenings in our home on a consistent basis. For the most part, I've come to terms that our home is going to not be "put-away" all day, everyday. It just is what it is right now. 

Even though this is our little place in life right now, I have managed to carve out a little bit of sweet mostly uninterrupted time in my day to do kitchen duties that I find relaxing.

See, I love being in the kitchen. Cooking, And, even tidying it up. Lately, after lunch, the boys will watch a short show before nap time. Say, 20-30 minutes. During that time, I get myself to the kitchen and do any dinner prep that may be needed, clean up after lunch, and do the dishes all the while listening to fabulous Ella Fitzgerald and all her friends that grace my Pandora station. It is such a nice time! This little bit of ordinary is fairly easy to embrace. I think there's grace in that. And, I think there is just something to uninterrupted time that is just golden after having kids.

My boys. Oh my boys! 

For the last 17-months of Linus' life, I think it'd be fair to say that we have spent quite a good bit of time in the cry room. The boy has a very determined personality and for whatever reason he has asked to nurse during almost every Mass he has ever attended. Don't get me wrong, I don't find there to be a problem with nursing in Mass at all, but to have to nurse a baby gone toddler during every Mass can get to be a little much. Even daily Mass (but because I know we have less time I was able to distract him there).
Linus + Mass = Tears, tantrums, crying, fussing, and cry room trips.
Older brother on the other hand was always amazing in Mass till the days of being potty-trained. All of a sudden, we had a boy who apparently needed to go to the bathroom 10 different times during Mass. Mind you, we didn't take him 10 different times, but the constant need to encourage him to only ask when he indefinitely needed to go got a little tiring.
Bigfoot + Mass = Constant requests to go Potty! and constant requests for Donuts!!
Fast forward to last weekend and we had our first no-nurse and no-cry-room-trips Mass. It was amazing! But, we chalked it up to a miracle that God allowed to happen to remind us He is wonderful and all-powerful.
 And, then fast-forward again to today, and wouldn't you know?! They were amazing! Only one trip (before Mass started) to go to the bathroom. No nursing. No cry-rooms necessary.

Linus not only was amazing but completely extraordinary. He mumbled his way through almost all the prayers. Played with his little Lego rosary, gave Mama Mary kisses (my heart melts!), and sang along in his own little Linus way to almost every hymn! Extraordinary, I tell you!

While, Bigfoot made it through all of Mass saying prayers, a little bit of sing-a-long with hymns, knelt and said a prayer to Jesus, as well as did some quiet reading in Daddy's lap! Incredible! Towards the end he started getting a little fussy, but was redirectable and we made it through!
 Miracle of miracles for this mama has now happened two weekends in a row! I think we have turned a corner, friends, and I am so thankful!
Today, extraordinary got them some delicious donuts and kolaches. They were pretty excited. Hopefully they'll remember the treat and repeat next week.

Proud of my two little guys! I imagine it's not easy to sit through Mass with all the energy that lives within them, but today, they were Rockstars in the self-discipline department and that is definitely extraordinary in my book!

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  1. So sweet. Congrats on the successes, and I hope they continue.

    1. Thanks, Ann-Marie! I pray they do to. It's been a long time coming!

  2. So great! I'm with you, I could work on chores all day long if I was uninterrupted. But uninterrupted never happens. ;)

    It's so great that the boys are sitting for Mass! We are back at the stage of one of us being in back all the time with the baby, who insists on wiggling and making tons of noise.

    1. It really was monumental! Prayers for you and your little squirmy! I wouldn't be surprised if Eli is back at his little toddler antics this weekend, but I am praying otherwise. It really was such a gift to see him engaging in Mass in his own little way!

  3. Hi, Amanda! I just found your blog through Gina's!

    Your boys are so sweet! I've always considered it one of the most generous gifts ever of the Holy Spirit when my kids behave well at Mass. SO awesome every time it happens in any family!

    I don't love cleaning my kitchen, but when I'm in it for the long haul I always have my Ella Pandora station on also! Happy to meet another fan of fine music :)

    1. So glad you are here Theresa! I think I used to see you at another link-up before so I'm glad we are able to connect again through Gina's!

      It is such a gift when the kids are good. I walk out of there with quite the hop in my step.

      And yes, Ella sis good friend that has graced my home and life so many times! Her and Frankie and all the other wonderfuls from that time! They make my heart happy!

      So glad you came by, Theresa! Hope you'll stick around! :)

  4. Yay!!! Mass can be so hard with little ones.


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