Monday, October 13, 2014

WIWS: A Belt, a Cardi, and thankful for Inspiration

The other day, Bonnie shared her outfit for Mass and I was inspired. 

In all, I have one belt. One little belt that came with a jean dress I have. Since acquiring said-belt, I have been able to squeeze a few more outfits out of my closets, which is fun! However, I have yet to wear a cardigan with my one belt much less paired it with a maxi. 

After Bonnie shared this post, my inspiration lead me to this combo and I loved it. Felt pretty. And, was comfy!
Stripes, belt, and a fuchsia cardigan (my camera phone didn't lend to true colors).
My cardi was a gift from my in-laws about two years ago, the belt came from another dress that was a gift from my mama, and the maxi was a gift from my other in-laws while my first born was just born.

Wish I could share exactly where everything was from but I am not very sure of the cardi nor the belt. The maxi was from Motherhood Maternity. I looked for it on their site and it doesn't seem to be there anymore, but there are other options.

Now for my shoes!
I wore my black ballet flat Croc's! I love these shoes! So versatile, so comfy, and so wonderful!! Unfortunately, it seems these were discontinued as well, but Croc's does have a large variety of flats to choose from.

On that Croc note, I wanted to share another trusty old pair that I love and my outfit of the day for Sunday.
Anytime I can find a pair of shoes from Croc's that I can make work, I go for it! It's wonderful. The pair above is just as amazing as the black ballet flats I have. These are the closest I could find since unfortunately they too have been discontinued.

I wore it with this new purchase from Francesca's. Found this gem and got it for $8.99! Wore it with some jeans I bought at a Levi outlet nearby and a cardi that I've had for a couple years. I was a fan.
Felt comfy and cute. I wore the tunic with a navy-blue tank, with the jeans, cardi, and my Croc's! Mom attire win!

But, these shoes! Look at the sole. Com. Fort. True story.
I was excited about both my outfits for Sunday.

But, not as excited as I was about getting to spend Mass with my in-laws and boys. And, even more excited about how beautifully behaved the boys were in our front row seats at Mass. It's always so very refreshing when we have a Mass like that. Especially after a week that was so rough and cry-filled! This go-around, everything was beautiful and good.

God is good. Sunday was wonderful, family-filled, love-filled and embraced by God's goodness. Thanks be to God.

Linking-up with the beautiful women of Fine Linen and Purple. Head on over to see more beautiful Sunday outfits!

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