Tuesday, October 14, 2014

the present moment // liebster and my favorite meme

Currently // Theresa from Ordinarily Lovely nominated me for a Liebster Award - Woohoo! The last time I got a Liebster was when I first started getting more involved in the amazing blogging community that exists on these inter-webs so this is so fun! Thanks, Theresa!

What I'm thinking about // Answering these questions from Theresa:
1. Have you ever had something stolen from you? Hmm...I think I have. Can't remember. So, it must not have been that big or it may not have happened at all. Brain fart!

2. Show us your favorite internet meme or cartoon. Haha, this one's easy!

3. Can you show us a picture that tells us something about you (no words)? Okay, this one was tough. But, here's a photo. And, my words stop here.

4. What's one of your guilty pleasures? Coffee shops, books, and baking.

5. Is there a hobby/sport you'd like to learn? How. to. Sew! I was given a sewing machine last year and have yet to break open the box. I want so much to learn how to sew because there are all these little ideas floating around in my head but, admittedly, finding a starting point with no foreknowledge is intimidating/overwhelming. Hence, the sewing machine in the un-opened box.

6. How do you see yourself spending your retirement (or golden years, as it were!). Spending time with my man! Enjoying grand-children. Enjoying time. But, mostly, enjoying my husband and our love!

7. What was one of the most thoughtful gifts you've received? My husband has a way to surprise me with thoughtful gifts when he puts his mind to it. I'd say the most thoughtful was definitely when he surprised me with Edel Gathering tickets for my birthday. I was blown away and blessed by being able to attend Edel this past summer!

8. What's your biggest pet peeve? Since having babies, fitting in my clothes awkwardly. I'm in and out of seasons where this fits but the rest doesn't and then this does but something else doesn't. And, then there's the something fit well one month prior then maybe not so well anymore. It shrinks my closet unnecessarily! And, isn't cool. Nor fun. Someday my whole closet full of clothes will fit me well. Someday.

9. Have you started your Christmas shopping or crafting? I have not. But, need to, so thank you for this question because it sparked me to get started at least thinking about what I'd like to get for loved ones.

10. Blogger's Choice: You pick that awesome question that I'm forgetting to ask - the one you've been dying to answer! (sorry!)

Tagging: Bobbi at Revolution of Love Blog, Kara at Mea Cuppa, Mary at Better than Eden, Mary at Domestic Apologist, Cate over at Dainty Cate, and Micaela at California to Korea!

Questions for all tagged or anyone else who wants to join in on the Liebster fun!
1. Are you a morning or night person? (I'm a night-owl. Always have been, and unless a miracle happens, always will be.)
2. What are your morning routines like? (I'm nose-y and curious!)
3. What's your favorite snack for yourself? (I am loving this homemade coconut kettle corn. Really really!)
4. What's your favorite snack to give to your kiddos? (We do veggie straws a lot.)
5. Favorite thing to bake in the Fall or Winter? (I'm a bake-nut!)
6. Favorite dinner to make during the Fall or Winter? (Looking for some dinner-inspirations!)
7. What do you miss about your college years? (Late nights, sleeping in, and working at a coffee shop.)
8. What's your favorite way to love your spouse? Feed him good foods and keep our home as pretty as I can manage.)
9. What's your favorite way to love your parents? Phone-calls, face-timing, texts, homemade cards, and relishing in the time they are here sharing good foods, conversations, and experiences.)
10. Do you have a note perpetually covering your doorbell (like me.) telling people to not ring your doorbell in case there's a child napping? If not, do you love your doorbell? (We have a yapptastic-dog that looses her cookies anytime the door gets knocked on or the doorbell gets rang. Hence, there is a sign covering our doorbell insisting that neither happens. If it's family/friend, call/text me and let me know you are here, if it's mailman/package/etc leave contents at door without making a peep!).

Look forward to your responses!

Making //
Made this last week.
And, finished this Fall Burlap Wreath yesterday! Will be sharing later this week the end product up on our front door.
I'm thinking of doing one more little Fall craft, but I'm still trying to figure out how to accomplish it with the rest of my leftover craft supplies. Will keep you all in the know once I figure out whether or not it is going to happen or not!

Wearing // I'm wearing comfort. These are the days of leggings and cardigans and leggings and comfort and big sweaters and I could go on. Thank you, Fall.

Anticipating // This weekend! It's our Annual Bible Study weekend trip! We'll be staying at this amazing lodge a few hours away from where we are. I say amazing because it has a playhouse outdoors for little ones that is air-conditioned!?? Annnd, air-hockey, a pool table, foosball, and space; lots of space for running, sitting, and soaking up the Fall sun in great company! We'll be going with four other families who all have kiddos around the same age as our boys. We love this trip! So much fellowship, love, good food, laughs, and memories! It's like a family slumber-party.

Thankful for // Thankful that my back pain has really calmed down. After going to my first physical therapy appointment, they gave me a stretch that was able to get rid of the pain I was having from the flared nerve that was bothering me prior to even getting the shot into my spine. Awesome! I have my next physical therapy appointment scheduled for this week and have yet to schedule the other shot. Hopefully today or sometime this week so all of this can be behind us. At the end of the day, I'm just so thankful I can walk and lift my babies (with care)! I was even able to enjoy a day at the zoo with my family and my in-laws (Will be sharing photos from the Zoo soon, too! There were some amazing animal moments and of course shots of my cuties!).

Also, thankful for our health. We've been hit hard before, so when it's good, I'm thankful! And, not to mention, the Ebola thing is kind of freaking me out (But I'm really trying to not freak out.). Kind of. I mean, we do live in Dallas. So, prayers for all in the front-lines and for all working hard to keep this contained.

Glad I could finally link-up with Currently again. It's been awhile! Thank you, Hannah, for hosting!

What have y'all been up to lately?


  1. Ohmigoodness! I'm so excited! *high five*

    1. Yay! *high five* Hope to get to read yours today!! :)

  2. I loved reading your answers, Amanda! And I love the meme! I may have to print that and put it up somewhere :)

    1. Thanks, Theresa! Haha, yes! The meme! Every time I see it I laugh. A lot. Sometimes I pull it out from an old photo folder just so I can see it and laugh at the craziness that inevitably ensues in the toddler entertainment department.

  3. LOVE that meme! Hahaha that feels like my life :)

    1. Right?! I laugh so much when I think of this meme and then laugh even harder when I imagine myself standing over the boys in this pose with the gear and the face of incredulity. This meme keeps my days lighter :)

  4. I blame you for getting me out of my writing slump. :) Thank you, sweet lady! http://www.domesticapologist.com/2014/10/you-can-blame-amanda.html

  5. That wreath is so cute! And I hope your weekend turned out great!


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