Friday, September 19, 2014

7QT: An Update, sweet-loving Saints, and a photo-party

Joining Jen and so many other wonderful bloggers for a round of some quick-takes. It's been awhile, but I have a smidge of time on my hands while both boys are napping (Thank you, Audrea! You coming over to let the kids play and laugh wore my boys out! And was good for my cabin-fever-mama-heart! Love you!).

Wow! Thank you dear St. Gemma Galgani. You have been such a prayer warrior for me as well as all of you who have been keeping me and my back situation in your prayers! So many things have happened in such a short time and I could not be more grateful!

Since seeing my doctor, getting medication to relieve pain and inflammation, and having an MRI done I have been able to see an orthopedic surgeon. There was a cancellation at their office (this office came well recommended so I'm so very grateful, not only for the appointment, but for our insurance and my husband's work.). This allowed us to sneak in, have some x-rays done, and have a specialist further explain what has been going on with my back.

In the end, I have a herniated disc (Bummer!) in my lower back. The doctor seemed hopeful and positive (Maybe because I cried a little during the appointment because that's just how I do sometimes, but I'm hoping it was not only because of that. My husband was optimistic, so that's a much better indicator!). He gave us his recommendation which will be implemented in a weeks time. Thankfully, medication has helped me tremendously since the weekend of crazy pain, and I'm hopeful that the next step (A shot.)  paired with physical therapy will get me back to normal. Or, at least my new normal. 

I say new normal only because I know I need to be more thoughtful in how I treat my lower back and spine in general. I had an injury to my lower spine back in high school and it seems that injury has come back to kick me in the rear. Or at least, the injury plus my poor choices when it comes to general movement that involves my spine (Specifically, lower.)

Part of me wants to be thankful that this is happening now and I can make any and all necessary changes that are needed in hopes to have a stronger core with a future filled with less injury. I wouldn't have made any thoughtful changes otherwise, especially on the craze of normal day-to-day mothering with littles around.

So, once we have the shot that will hopefully help heal the herniation, I look forward to the round of physical therapy.

St. Gemma Galgini, thank you for all of your precious prayers and for your continued intercession!

I'ts still crazy to think all this is happening. It's been tough for us around here with my limitations. Throughout all of this, my husband has been so amazing. I can't say that enough (and, I know I've said it quite a bit in these last few posts.) but he truly has met me where I needed to be met in all of this. From the emotional to the physical, he has been wonderful. He has made the crazy so much less so. 

He has made the crazy, easy. This, my friends, is no easy task. A task, nonetheless, that has been driven by a sweet love that is a gift from Above.

St. Joseph continue to pray for us and thank you for your role in all of this too. Your intersession truly is a gift to our little family.

Speaking of our little family, thank you, parents, siblings, and relatives for your prayers and presence! The grace that we've been able to experience in these last weeks is no coincidence. I know I have so many prayer warriors in our extended family and friends. 

Our family members have been calling, texting, emailing, and praying. There is a peace that comes from not only your prayers, but the love you have for us. The love is nourishing and has carried our little weary hearts through this crazy bit of struggle.

And, our friends have blessed us so much too! From offering and providing us with meals to lighten our load, to offering childcare, an ear to listen to my tear-filled weariness, so many prayers, company, and lots of love. The friends we have been blessed with here in the Dallas area have always made our hearts smile a smile of disbelief and gratitude at how wonderful we have it here. We are blessed to know so many wonderful families that have been there since the day we met them.

****Funny side story. I just looked up the patron saint of friends/friendship while writing this. Wouldn't you know, it's the patron saint of your youngest! St. John the Apostle, the Beloved. Admittedly, I shed a little tear when I saw our Linuses' patron saint pop up. Holy Spirit, friends! God holding us. The prayers of you and the saints, holding us. Such a gift.****

St. John the Apostle, thank you for your intersession and your continued prayers for our little family!

Well, I think we're good with the update party. I'm doing well and on the mend. I'm hopeful and trusting as best I can. The boys are hanging in there and we are enjoying our days despite the nutty-antics of toddlers. Also, they are better from that awful Hand-Foot-Mouth virus. Worst virus, ever! Or, at least, a close second after the stomach flu. They are well and we are no longer quarantined so we don't spread said-awfulness. Woohoo!

I'll share a little photo-party for my last quick-take to show the sunshine we've been experiencing.

Honestly, my biggest fear since I felt such crippling back pain a few weekends ago has been the fear of this hindering our chances to carry another child. I've mentioned this to every doctor or specialist that I've encountered since (They probably thought I was crazy.). However, during our appointment with the orthopedic surgeon I was assured with a smile and a bit of a tear that we would be just fine, physically, given treatment and diligence. After that, he shared he understood because he had five of his own. My heart felt lighter the moment he responded to me.

God's Will be done, of course! Because, obviously, only He knows what our future holds regarding future little ones, but I'm hopeful and will remain prayerful.

Sweet Mother, pray for us.

Now, onto the little insta-photo-party of our last few weeks.
We've been having lots of arts and crafts lately. I've put on my crafty pants and we've been having some fun.
A Blueberry-Lemon Bundt cake to celebrate the Exultation of the Holy Cross and the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Double feast sweetness. The boys love baking which makes my baking-loving-heart happy.
Especially this boy. He really enjoys baking. So much so, he's been asking to bake a cake for any and all family that visits us. Excited to bake something for Uncle A and Bekah this weekend!
Mama and her Linus.
Bigfoot and his googi-oggers.
Sunshine and exploring.
Linus and his sweet smile. The same smile he has been sharing so often these days.
Crafty-pants for the win. We made crowns and Bigfoot kept running around calling himself Printhe.
Prince Linus.
Linus and Lily. Oh, how these boys love their fluff!
Sweet prayer pillowcase that was gifted to all Edel '14 attendees has brought my little one a beautiful prayer and sweet sleep. I recently brought it out for Bigfoot since he's been leaving his room often in the middle of the night. Today, right before he fell asleep for his nap, he gave the guardian angel a kiss. He melted my heart. So thankful for our guardian angels!

***Last, I won this beautiful, hand-designed/drawn work from Rakhi! Friends, this piece is even more beautiful in person! I really encourage you to go check out her Signs of Love etsy shop! Not only does she have beautiful wall art pieces, but also cards, journals, and custom designs! She's wonderful and you can tell that this was made with love, care, and prayer!***

Will post another picture once I find a frame for this loveliness.

Thanks for stopping by and prayers for a beautiful, love-filled weekend!

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  1. I am so glad that you have a plan for your back. I love the pictures that you take. The angles and the ways you capture the boys amazes me.

    1. Yay! Me too! Having a plan makes me more hopeful and feel more at peace! And, you are so kind on the picture front, but I'll take it! Thank you!!!

  2. Will be praying for you and your back problem, Amanda. St. Gemma is a great intercessor. As for your orthopedist, what a consolation to have him reassure you about future pregnancies! That would've endeared me to him for life, even if he were a lousy doctor ;-)

    1. Thank you, Wendy! St. Gemma has been amazing! I never had a patron saint for confirmation (bummer!) so I'm really thinking about adopting her (if patron saints can be adopted? lol) She has just been sharing herself in so many ways with me since meeting her. It's been really beautiful! And, this process has lightened so very much since seeking her intercession! And yes, it did. I walked out of there raving about how glad we met with him and how much I liked him! lol

  3. So glad you're doing a bit better! Thank you, St. Gemma!

    1. Yes! Thank you for your prayers! And, thank you for thanking St. Gemma! :) Makes me happy because she has been so wonderful!

  4. What joyful pictures of you and your little ones! They do give us great joy don't they? Prayers for you too in lasting relief from back pain and in your soulful desire to always "remain prayerful". :)

    1. Thank you so much! These boys are definitely teaching me a thing or MANY on the world of Joy! And, thank you for your prayers. They mean so much to me! So glad you stopped by!

  5. great photos! I love St Gemma so much. Hope you're back to normal sooner than later <3


    1. Yay, Jeni! Thank you! I'm so glad to have met her since this whole thing! Crazy and wonderful how the saints share themselves and their prayers with us!

  6. What great pictures!! And I love St Gemma sooo much. Hope you're back to normal ASAP. <3



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