Tuesday, September 23, 2014

the present moment // fall leaves and Texas skies

Thinking about // The sweet rhythm of our days. I like it. A lot. We have a little flow that is good and works for us (on most days). The boys are growing so fast so the rhythm really allows for me/us to enjoy each other.

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Enjoying // For starters, I'm enjoying this nap time! Sweet boys were tired from the fun outside. Having a tidbit of quiet is so nice.

Also enjoying the weather! How nice is it to live in a place that experiences four seasons?! Like clockwork, the temperature took a little dive and the most beautiful breeze has been with us these past few days. Just in time for the first day of Fall!

The boys and I have been soaking up the sun, running, swinging, playing, exploring these past two days and absolutely enjoying it as well as these beautiful Texas skies! I'm telling you, these beautiful blue skies go on forever and are so enchanting!

Loving // My boys. My husband. Family and friends. Prayer. Family prayers. Prayer communities of friends and family, both in person and online. The saints who lend us their intercession. God's goodness. God's faithfulness. The patron saints of our family. Sunshine. Silly giggles, faces, and smiles. Snuggles, hugs, and nose kisses. 

I'm loving a lot these days. 

Thankful for // I'm thankful I have so many things to love. Thankful for our health. Thankful for medical professionals and all they do. Thankful for the end results of our friends who found themselves in the hospital this past Sunday. Thankful for all who took care of them and for all who prayed for them.

Thankful that we have a plan to help heal my herniated disc in my lower back. Thankful that I'm able to care for my babies again. Thankful for mobility. Even if I have some pain, it doesn't compare to what I had, which allows me to be a mama to my babies.

Thankful that we'll be seeing family soon and thankful that we got to see Uncle A and Rebekah this past weekend. We really love them both a ton and just love soaking them up as much as we can when we can (I'll be sharing a few photos soon as well as some of the yummy food we consumed!). Here's a sneak peak of our menu:
That's proccuito you see at the bottom left. Our gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches combinations were so so so delicious!

Update // I'll be getting a shot that should further help healing take place in my lower back. The hope is that the shot will near diminish the bulge that came from the herniated disc. Also praying that we be able to work out me attending physical therapy once the time comes. I'll be making some phone calls today to start that little process.

Thank you so very much for all your prayers! There has been so much grace and answered prayers in all of this. 

St. Gemma Galgani, pray for us.

Capturing // The first day of Fall! The boys and I were outside for a little more than an hour just roaming, running, picking up leaves of all colors for a craft later, and chasing dragonflies. Kids really do make your day more magical.

Our first day of fall leaf collection.
Playing football.

Mama walking on sunshine. ;)

Cute little ham.

The helmet was a must today.
Chasing dragonflies and each other.

Fall Arts and Crafts for after naptime // We'll be making some Fall Wreaths this afternoon with our little collection from earlier. Will share how they turn out. Hopefully we can get the leaves to stick and the glue business won't be too crazy or messy. :)

I found these on pinterest. As much as I'd love to pull of the first one...
fall leaf wreath {kids can do it!} - itsalwaysautumn - it's always autumn Would love to make a collage of different colours as art
(Clink on image for source)
I'm being honest when I say that the wreath is going to turn out like the ones below. 
Kids Craft: Fall Leaf Wreaths
(Clink on image for source)
Either way, I'm excited and look forward to hanging up the finished product. 

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you'll stay awhile! What fun to-do's have you going on this fine Fall day?

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  1. What cute boys! Also good luck with your herniated disc, I hope all the physical therapy and shots will help!

  2. haha! Love the leaf comparison! I know just what you mean! (beautiful pictures from your day out and about!)

    1. Haha! Ya, I saw them next to each other and laughed myself while searching on good ol' pinterest. Thanks, Theresa! :)

  3. Your boys are so cute! And I'd say either wreath will be AMAZING!

    1. Sarah, thanks so much! I definitely agree! There's something so sweet about kid crafts :)

  4. I really wish we had Fall leaves in Florida! I'm hoping to take a trip to NC later this year so I can see some colors.

    1. NC would be amazing! I've never been but always see such beautiful pictures of it! Florida has tons of perks too, though. I lived there briefly while doing an externship for grad school ;) Loved the months I was there.

  5. Bahaha @ the wreath. I'd love to see the finished project!

    I pray your shot does exactly what it's supposed to do. Good luck mama.

    1. Finish project you will see, Valerie! Just posted it actually :) I'm praying too, Valerie! And, thank you so much for your prayers! I really have been held with answered prayers throughout this entire ordeal.

  6. We are also enjoying this beautiful fall weather! I love all of the beautiful pictures of your kids!

    Stopping by from the link up ~ Becky with Choose Happy~

    1. Aw, thanks Becky! I am just so thrilled about Fall! There's just something magical about it! Glad you're getting to enjoy some beautiful weather! :)


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