Thursday, February 25, 2016

childhood // two months of dandelion

We wake. We nurse. We move, snuggle, settle. 
The morning light comes in, your brothers sneak into our room to "check" in on us, and the day starts.

I'm groggy and slow; you're nestled and sweet - per usual. Your big brother opens the window blinds to really wake our hearts and I try to mosey my way out of bed as cat-like as possible to keep you still and sleeping sweetly. Daddy is bustling around getting ready for work and life is starting again, anew.
On good days, I head out to get your brothers started with their day. On slower days, they join us in bed for some snuggles or are encouraged to read books in the room quietly instead of their preferred play of dragons and knights.
Once my sleepy-mama brain starts functioning at better capacity, I herd your big brothers out of our bedroom, down the hallways, and to the living room pushing back window curtains throughout our home. I get to the kitchen and juices and simple breakfasts are served. All is well.
These mornings and days and nights with you have been good. You make mothering three, easy. And believe me when I say, it's not me. I make things hard. Mothering in the morning is not my forte. But you and His Grace, sweet girl, make me feel like I've sort of got a handle on this transition.
Baby girl, you are two months! Time just continues to fly. You continue to grow into the sweetest of sweet hearts and I continue to be in awe of that goodness. So does Daddy. He loves you so. All of you! 

Oh, sweet girl! These boys! How they love and adore beautiful you! They truly do. It's so lovely and inspiring, really!

They check in on you often, ask to hold you, give you night-time kisses and pray for you. They tell you that they are your big brothers and that they love you. They tell you these sweet things often and it's the sweetest. You usually stop stirring when you hear them near. Pretty sure you love them too in your own little new baby way.
I'm still learning about the world of cuteness and bows and cardis, so bear with me little one. I'm trying!
These sleep smiles are the sweetest! and, In this last month you've started smiling when you see our faces. It's so fun!
You've been showered with so many lovely gift from family and friends! It's been amazing and we are all so very grateful! 
You love a good snuggle, especially in mamas, daddy's arms. Let's be honest though, you really just adore being held and are open to sharing your snuggles with all who want to love ya!
Here you are with the man who kept us both alive. He's all kinds of wonderful and I will be sure to tell you the story of how he blessed us. He's a good man, sweetheart, and we are so very grateful for him and all he does.
I love capturing you while you are sleeping. Honestly, you're such a little beauty while asleep or awake or crying, even (your cry is gentle, sweet, and it just amazes me)! A sweet cry? I never knew that even existed.
You are gaining weight well and are quite the healthy little bundle. You are a nursing champ, but I will say that you are the messiest little nursing champ I ever did know.
You aren't always so sure what to do when your big brothers are loving on you.
Your hair! Love! It's some kind of magic in the way it stands and we have yet to figure out your eye color. For the longest time they were this grey-blue color and now they're getting hints of gold/tan. Could you be the first to have your Nonna's hazel eyes? Only time will tell, sweet one.
These last 8 weeks have been wonderful with you in them. You've been practicing lifting your head, you love to grab onto mommy and daddy's clothes while we hold you and it's adorable, you nestle into me while I sing our sleepy songs, and you sigh. Yes, you read that right, you s i g h.

I never knew babies could sigh!? Now that I do, I have to say that your sigh just makes my heart skip a beat with all the love for how adorable you are.
Mama loves you, precious Dandelion, and can't wait to get to know you more! So keep on keeping on, littlest love of ours, and we'll be here all along the way doing our best to share His Love back with you!


  1. Rebecca did the sigh thing as well. Melted my heart every time. She is beautiful, precious and wonderful. Your pictures are amazing. Enjoy those sweet snuggles.

  2. Oh her sweet chubby smile! Love it :)


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