Sunday, October 9, 2016

{#write31days - day 9} dominus est moments

You know those moments that stop you right in your tracks? The ones that seem to still time because they are filled to the brim with wonder and love and gift?

It's amazing how these little moments can make your heart smile because there's nothing else for it to do but just smile. These same moments also have a way of expanding and stretching you in ways you didn't know you needed but will be forever grateful for.

Moments that share glimpses of His Face are so very good. I love how Love has designed in us an innate desire to seek Him in all things. We were created for Him and if we just let go, there we will find him, always...if we just..let..go.

I know you know the ones I'm talking about. We all have them. They form us, move us, encourage us, hold us during times of struggle or sadness, keep us present, and spark in us a want for more.

Dominus est. It is the Lord.  It is He, and always He, revealing His beautiful and good Divine Nature so that we may better understand how to love, know, and serve Him.

My Dominus est moments have looked like this lately:

"The present moment is always full of infinite treasures, 

it contains far more than you have the capacity to hold."

-Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade, S.J.


  1. Beautiful. What is it about the playmat that makes the older ones get under there and play? My big girls do it all the time!

    1. Thanks, Ann-Marie! And I KNOW! I have no idea what it is about the playmat! The boys have the entire room and they always find a way to include it in their rough play. Every. time!


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