Wednesday, June 20, 2012

11 months in pictures

Trying to crank out these posts. So here goes 11 months in pics with some quick-notes.

We went to Muenter. Read more about that here!
You had so much fun! We got to see our friends hometown and beautiful home he grew up in.
We saw miles and miles of wind farms. Your daddy was so excited. I mean, words cannot express his excitement. He was pretty thrilled. Really. 
We continued to have ourselves some park time. You adore swinging (just like your Mama).
Just look at that happy swinging face. Pretty great, huh?
You continue to pull up on ev-er-y-thing! Fun times for you with all the different views you are now getting.
Grandpa Wooly, Nonna, Uncle A, and sweet Rebekah came to visit for Daddy's birthday. They surprised him for his birthday! Normally, the word surprise and your daddy don't go together; but this time, we did it! He had no idea! We pulled it off little guy and gave your daddy a birthday to remember!
Apparently, group family pictures are not always the easiest to get. This is actually the only one we have that you are in. For some reason, you were cut off in most of the pics! :( But, not this one! Haha. So, here's our family pic at this awesome brewery in Fort Worth.
You love to play! All the time! Everyday! Play! Play! Play!
You still absolutely love the ball and bat that your Grandpa Wooly and Nonna gave you. Not sure what they started with this.
We went to the Kelly wedding! Our friends had a beautiful wedding and you did completely amazing the whole night. Not going to lie, I was completely impressed.
Here you are with Daddy. You both looked so handsome!
Here, the three of us are before we made our way back home.
We got some quality time in with Uncle Godfather. He had a birthday, too! You had fun with him as always!
Uncle Godfather always has different sports balls to play with, which you really enjoy.
Mother's day came and went this month. You were so sweet to me!
You gave me tons of my favorite things and made my day extra special. I wrote more about it here.
Sweetheart, you and lily are still pretty good buddies. She can bring a smile to your face pretty quick. 
So, there are way more things that happened this month. For example, we traveled almost every weekend in May. Uncle Godfather and Uncle A graduated in the same weekend - one in Austin, the other in Lubbock. Needless to say, that was intense. But, we got to see lots of family which is always wonderful! You also went to your first ordination (which was so incredibly beautiful) and got some quality time in with your Grandpa Ram and Nana! You continue to be a wonderful eater. You are getting pretty vocal and adding all kinds of new sounds to your repertoire. And, much more. But, since we're in a crunch (and because I have a million pics of graduation that they deserve their own post), these pics will have to suffice for your crazy busy, non-stop, 11-month update.

Sweet boy, you are going to be a whole year old very soon! I love you so so so very much and am thankful for all that you are!

your mama

Monday, June 18, 2012

A year ago...

...tomorrow, this was us. We started our 3-day l&d marathon.

Look at how excited an unsuspecting we were.

See excited below.
 See unsuspecting below.
Had I known what was to come, would I have done anything different? After a lot of thought, I would have to say no. I appreciated all the joy, the struggle, anticipation, pain, the happy tears, and the sad tears. All that took place happened for a reason. After a years reflection, I'm pretty sure I understand some of those reasons, and for that I am grateful.

A year ago, tomorrow, one of the greatest blessings decided that he wanted to start making his way into our lives in a new and different way. He waited for us to go to Mass so that we could spiritually be prepared for all that was to come. Maybe he knew that he was so cozy he would be a challenge to get out!

Anyhow, look forward to sharing more as we approach the birthday of our little Junebug.

If there be a true way that leads to the Everlasting Kingdom, it is most certainly that of suffering, patiently endured. — St. Colette

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Who me?

Yes, you! My sweet Junebug! My Lil P! My active and playful son! My joy-filled little one! You are turning one in just a few short days!!!

I realize we have yet to see an 11 month update, much less any posts about anything since about a month ago. Maybe it's because I'm in denial that my first-born is turning one? Maybe it's because I really have been too busy (which we have been pretty active lately). Maybe it's because I have so many thoughts I'd like to post on but can't organize my thoughts just enough to write something?

Or, maybe all of the above. Regardless, here's my Bigfoot, just days before he turns one.

My hope is to post about his year and get our monthly updates caught up; meanwhile, relish in every precious moment I have with my beautiful boy!

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