Thursday, January 28, 2016

mommyhood // and then we were five

Okay! Goodness! I tell you what - I keep yearning to be back here and typing out life and love and thoughts and birth stories and updates and memories and more, buuut I've been a bit rocked by this post-partum gig and am really trying to give myself permission to fully rest and heal and just. Be. Present.

But for the sake of sharing the beauty and love that we've been snuggling this last month! I wanted to sneak in and share the goodness that is our little love. Our newest member of our little family. Our sweet and precious daughter! (Yes you read that right! We have a daughter!!) who has been such a precious little dandelion (Have I ever mentioned my love for dandelions? No? Well, sometime for sure!)!!

That's right friends, a bit more feminine goodness has entered our hearts and it has been oh-so-lovely.

Now, because our computer has officially entered absolute-piece-of-junk mode in all its missing-pixels-upon-pixels-on-the-screen-because-of-some-random-afternoon-of-boy-play-gone-awry glory, staying on it long enough to share all the words just isn't going to happen tonight. But, little by little, I'm hoping to peep in and share bits and pieces as I can because I miss it!

Like tonight - my bits and pieces are in photo form of those first hours. The hours that were filled with a roller coaster ride I didn't expect to ride. Only I'm starting this photo story from the beautiful moment we met our sweet Dandelion.

Again, I'll never be able to thank you all enough for sharing your prayers with us throughout her time in my womb and since. It seriously means more than you'll ever know.

And to my dearest Dandelion, your goodness is so overwhelmingly good! The gift of you this past month has warmed our hearts with such a good and beautiful and true love that only He could orchestrate.

baby girl, mama loves you. so very much.

PHFR - because there's a lot if pretty, happy, funny (her dandelion, fuzzy hair), and real in this share.
TT - last two photos have some aperture going on.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

mommyhood // phototrip down a precious bump-lane

" the origin of every human being there is not something haphazard or chance, but a loving plan of God." 

-Pope Benedict XVI

No one can prepare you for all the ways motherhood surprises you. No one can prepare you for how big the love you feel for your children at any given time of their life, from start to finish.

No one can prepare you.

This post was waiting in my draft section of Blogger for a while. We weren't prepared for the arrival of our newest family member, but we couldn't be more grateful for all the good and gift and blessing that has come with the unexpected.

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