Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bigfoot sharing his baby laughter with us at 9 weeks! Such a sweet gift- thought we’d share :)

Lullaby for my Savior

For all the times you held me, prayed with me, shared with me, talked to me, rocked me, encouraged me, supported me, laughed with me, hugged me, put up with me :D, loved me and so much more - I thank you.

Happy Birthday, Mom<3

Click on the link below to listen to a beautiful song by Danielle Rose about Mother Mary’s love for her son, Jesus.

Lullaby For My Savior by Danielle Rose on Grooveshark


SO very thankful for this day! Happy Birthday Mom/Nana!! We love you, miss you, are thinking about you, and praying you have an amazing day filled with His Love. <3

thanks spiritualinspiration for the post :D

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dinner..say what?!

GeekMan: “Is it time to eat him?” (asking about our 2 month old who is cooing in his crib)

Me: “What?!” *insert confused face here as well as some LOL*

GeekMan: “Er, I mean, feed him!” HAHAHA


Obviously it is dinner time and obviously we are hungry!

Hungry parental units

Sharing some Joy

Friday, August 26, 2011


I have no other means of proving my love for You than to throw flowers, that is, not to pass up any little sacrifice, any look, any word, to take advantage of all the little things and to do them out of love… I want to suffer out of love and even rejoice out of love, so I will throw flowers before Your throne. […]

Jesus, what purpose will my flowers and my songs serve You? Oh, I know well that this sweet-scented rain, these fragile petals that have no value, these songs of love of the littlest of hearts — these will charm You. Yes, these little nothings will give You pleasure.

-St. Therese of Lisieux

Thursday, August 25, 2011

We have a two month old!...and are just soooo in love!

So hard to fathom that two months have already passed us by! With each day, with each moment for that matter, our Bigfoot is growing, developing, sharing his beautiful personality full of smiles and goodness, and just capturing our hearts in an amazing way!

Bigfoot, so much has happened this past month! Here are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head and the ones I wrote down on your baby calendar :)

-Daddy and Mama continue to be amazed at how their love increases for you as each day passes! Our hearts were definitely made to expand in love!

-We went to your first social outing! Our good friends are moving to Houston and we went to their outdoor going away party. You did so good and seemed very intrigued with the Texas heat (that or confused, since you’ve mostly been in AC)

-We had lunch with our good friends on a Sunday after Mass. You came with! Your first restaurant outing!! We went to Twisted Root - a delicious burger place. You weren’t a fan of the guy on the speaker calling out the funny order names. He was pretty loud.

-You attended your first Girl’s Night Dallas with Mama :D You were a big hit with all the ladies! And you met some other GND babies!

-You attended your first Bible Study with Daddy and Mama! You met other Bible Study babies too! Everyone was so excited to meet you or see you again (for those that met you earlier on). You did great! You seemed to be paying attention to the wonderful dialogue that was going on :)

-You had a mini photo shoot with some friends of Mama and Daddy :) You did so good! We got some great shots of you!

-You attended another party! Again, you seem so taken with the outdoor temperatures here in Texas.

-Here’s a big one! You had your first road trip. And, not just any road trip, but a 9 hour one! We drove to meet Great Grandma and saw/stayed with some good friends along the way to break up the trip down. Everyone loved meeting you and talked about how alert you are. Also, you did *amazing* on the road trip! Daddy and Mama may have passed down our traveling genes ;)

-You had a short lived bumbo time. You seemed to enjoy it still :)

-Daddy and Mama celebrated their engagement on the Feast of the Assumption. It’s been two years since Daddy and Mama started their journey towards their vocation and we could not be happier! You were so sweet on that day to us. Daddy cooked us a delicious meal and brought Mama beautiful flowers :D

-You went through a short fussy time. Mama and Daddy realized this was you going through a growth spurt. And grow you did my sweet boy!

-God has blessed us in the nursing department :) We’ve grown together and I feel have improved so much with His Grace!

-We went to your two month doctor’s appointment. You weighed in at a whopping 12 lbs. 10 oz! and have grown 2 whole inches! My dear, you are growing SO fast! Doctor said your health looks great :D

-You attended your first wedding! Mama’s best friends sister got married and you were there. It was a beautiful wedding and you were definitely turning heads :)

-Uncle Godfather has come to stay with us! You will be getting so much quality time with your Godfather these next 2 months! He just started his rotations for physical therapy and lucky us get to have him all to ourselves for the next couple months! He loves you so much!!

-You are cooing a ton! You love talking with Mama and Daddy! And we love talking to you! I’ll upload a video soon to show off your oh so wonderful coo skills.

-You are so very alert! A mini scientist taking in the world and we love watching you take everything in.

-Daddy and you say your prayers together every night before bed.

-Smiling is your favorite ;) and ours too!!

-You notice Lily more and smile at her too. She is pretty funny.

-You love it when Mama nibbles at your toesies :D

-Tummy time is extending as days pass. You seem to enjoy strengthening those muscles :)

-We started cloth diapering during the day! You love your cloth diapers and I love your fluffy bum :D

-You like it when Mama or Daddy sing to you.

-Lily starts to pout when you cry - she really likes you.

-You love playing in your Einstein Gym and the infant rocker we have for you. Again, just learning and taking everything in.

-First round of immunizations are done and over with! YAY! You did so good handling those terrible pricks into your little turkey legs and got some fun looking bandaids to show for it!

-There’s a picture of the Holy Family that we have that makes you smile. You always seem so mesmerized by it.

-When you wake up from naps or from nighttime sleep you wake up with a smile. We love this present you give us so often!

-You found your precious hands and love to kick your feet at every chance you get. Your my little squirmer!

Well, my little love, that’s all for now :) Mama and Daddy love you so much and are so excited for all that this next month will bring! God bless you, my sweet Bigfoot!

God is good :)

Before Bigfoot was born, GeekMan and I got news that his maternal grandma was sick -very sick. She had just received news that she has stage 4 lung cancer about a month before Bigfoot was born - mind you she had already been struggling with other ailments. To receive this news was heartbreaking to say the least. We knew how much she wanted to meet her great grandchild and she was a very big part of GeekMan’s life, but we didn’t know when Bigfoot would make his debut nor when would be the earliest that we could travel.

Well, I’m happy to report, by the grace of God, our little family made the 9 hour drive to see great grandma. Sweet Bigfoot was all smiles when we were with great grandma at the hospital. She kept saying how he was so handsome just like his daddy (which I completely agree with). We stayed with her awhile but since Bigfoot’s immune system is still so immature we couldn’t stay there too long and great grandma needed her rest.

Overall, I definitely feel that God had His Kind and Gentle Hand with us always - guiding and protecting us on our drive, allowing Bigfoot to meet his loving great grandma who had been so excited to meet him since he was in the womb, and allowing all of us some great family time with Bigfoot’s grandparents.

This past weekend gave all of us wonderful time with family which is always such a gift, but unfortunately great grandma’s health is failing her. Doctors say we’re “lucky” if she makes it through another month. I’m not sure what the doctor meant by that or any doctor ever means by that, but I do know that this is a difficult time for Bigfoot’s great grandma and all those near and dear to her. I just pray, and ask for prayers from you, that Our Lord grant her the Peace that only He can give. I know Our Lord loves her so very much. I saw it in how He provided such a smooth and fruitful trip for a family traveling with an almost 2 month old for 9 hours. I see how He is continuously present in her trying life right now through all who love her and pray that she be able to see God’s beautiful face telling her “I love you.” over and over again.

Here is a favorite picture of our Bigfoot with his Great Grandma.

Dominus est.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Come and gone...

Our Bigfoot’s first month has come and gone!

Bigfoot, you are amazing! Daddy and I love you more and more each day and love getting to know you better! You are such a wonderful baby boy!

This month:

-You’ve met so many family members and friends - Grandparents, Uncles, Aunt, Great Grandparents, Great Aunt, Mama and Daddy’s friends, and some of Mama and Daddy’s friends kids :)

-You went to your first live Mass and did sooo good :D

-We are mostly getting the hang of nursing - only time, practice, and Our Lord will help us get better :)

-You have gained all the weight you lost in the hospital right on time -  and some!

-You love car rides.

-Your umbi fell off :D

-You had your very first Fourth of July!

-You like being sat up

-Your daddy has become a professional swaddler

-You love falling asleep on daddy when he gets home from work or in the middle of the night (we try to watch/limit the nighttime ones)

-haha you’ve peed on Mama a couple times - I’m still trying to get better at preventing this occurrence lol

-You love looking around

-You definitely have had one growth spurt since you’ve been home

-You still get hiccups (not as much as while in the womb)…sometimes you don’t mind them and sometimes they annoy you and make you unhappy

-Your baby legs and arms are sooo strong - I’m thinking you might walk before you crawl ;) haha

-Lily has been so great with you - can’t wait till you start interacting with our family pup.

-You had your first tub bath…I promise I’ll get better at giving you baths and keeping you warm! :D

-You spent a lot of time with your Nonna and Nana. They love you so much!

-Mama and Daddy *love* snuggling with you

-You love being swaddled

-Daddy comes home everyday during lunch to see you (and me, of course ;))

-You found your hands and have no idea what to do with them

-When you sneeze you get this stunned look on your face that makes us giggle

-Your g’night/nap lullaby is Hail Mary, Gentle Woman

-You become more and more alert as each day passes!

-You are an OK fan of tummy time. Tummy time only lasts for a couple minutes before you get fussy.

-And you smile when you are falling asleep - this is definitely a favorite <3

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

God made us for joy. God is joy, and the joy of living reflects theoriginal joy that God felt in creating us. -Blessed John Paul ll

How you blessed me...

It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving.-Mother Theresa

As you all know, my mother and mother in law came to stay with me during the first two weeks that our family was home from the hospital.  We came home from the hospital on Friday and Geekman had to go back to work that Monday, which was not easy, but something we knew we could bear through. However, without my mother being here with us that first week, things would have been so terribly difficult. My body was pretty defeated and beat up after all the hours of labor and major surgery. And my mother in law coming the following week helped ease me into transitioning being at home with our newborn Bigfoot and all his newborn needs. During this time, I began to gain more confidence in my physical abilities as well as my own mothering abilities. Without the gifts that these amazing women shared us, yes we could have made it through, but with them here I continued to see how God was working. Something my healing heart and body was in need of.

My mother being here with me that first week home was such a blessing. Not only because she demonstrated the beauty that a mother is by all the love and service she shared with myself, GeekMan, and her new grandson, but also because my mom and I haven’t spent that kind of time together probably since I was in high school. Of course, I’ve had the summers at home or the holidays, etc, but I have not had that one on one time in such a long time. Spending the quality time with her made my heart so happy. Our day to day chats while she was here, seeing the beautiful grandmother she is to our son, seeing how she loves me so much through all that she did while here, and just being in her presence were all occasions and blessings that only God could orchestrate. For that, I ask my heart and guardian angel to constantly offer thanksgiving to Our Lord. And, I thank my mom, for being who she is and for all the love she put forth in the doing and the giving to our family. I love you so much, mom. And it was very hard to see you go, but I know God will provide us with more time in His Perfect time. Also, dad, thank you so much for letting mom come stay with me. I know you knew I was concerned at first just because I knew my mom and I can easily clash at times (that’s just what moms and daughters do sometimes lol), but you of course eased my worries as always. So, thank you for trusting the love that mom and I have for each other which provided for an amazing time together and thank you for your sacrifice in all of this. After only being married for a year and half, I feel being parted from your spouse would be immensely difficult - and I say that only because I cannot imagine being separated from my spouse of 30 + years. I love you, dad and thank you :) 

And to my dear mother-in-law - you were here the week following my mom and as much as I know you just wanted to spend so much time with Bigfoot, you were so much help and such a blessing to me. You took care of me in the ways that I needed the week following my mom. I had improved in health quite a bit, but still had various areas that I was struggling with. Those areas are where you met me and did so much! Your diligence is encouraging and inspiring. By watching, both, you and my mother, I learned to better be a mommy to Bigfoot and a better wife to GeekMan. I saw all the love you put forth in providing meals, tending to various chores around our home, chatting and sharing with me, and loving your grandson - and for all that I witnessed I thank you. You truly blessed me just by being you. Not only did you bless me but you blessed Bigfoot and GeekMan too. Also, with everything going on in your life, I know it was not easy for you to be away from your mom - Bigfoot’s great grandma. Please know that your sacrifice truly meant so much to us. Not only your sacrifice being away from your mother during this time, but also being away from your husband. Like I mentioned before, I can’t imagine being away from GeekMan for that long and we’ve been married just a short while compared to you both and my parents. So, thank you, my father in law for the gift you gave us in sharing your beautiful wife with us for a week. And, thank you mother-in-law, for all the great love you put forth in all that you did and gave to our little family.

You and my mother were a huge answered prayer as well as a huge gift to our family. In retrospect, I can see why God let things happen as they did during those two weeks. Not only was it a lesson in humility which I am always needing but it was also a lesson on love. The love you modeled for me is an inspiration. My prayer is that I will grow in my ability to love as you both have loved me and my family during those weeks (and throughout our lives) - and that I will abundantly share that love with my GeekMan and Bigfoot.

I love you both so much and thank you for blessing me.

PS Pretty sure I still need some pictures that you both took during those weeks! Any and all pictures welcomed! And I will do the same with you! :D

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