Thursday, June 26, 2014

Swings and Love

My parents came to visit a couple weekends ago. We loved out time with them. There is just never ever enough time on these visits! We always want more!

Regardless, we soaked up as much fun with them as we could and will be getting some more together time real soon!

Little man resting a bit at home base.

Love them!

Dada and his boys.
Love moment. So much in this picture makes my heart happy.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mama, I so Happy

Someone special had a sweetly simple birthday this past weekend. I'll be sharing the sweet, the simple, and all the love that surrounded. It was a good day. It was a beautiful time. And, we are so grateful for the sweet little life that brought these memories into our hearts and lives.

Birthday Breakfast Menu:
Birthday Waffles
Chorizo & Egg tacos
Juice (Not watered down -I know, I know. Ridiculous. But, not.)

Birthday Lunch Menu
Hot dogs with Chili and fixings
BBQ Chips
Carrots & Hummus
Tator Tots

Birthday Cake
(kind of amazing. and easy. and amazing.)
Blueberry Cake Donuts
Cinammon Sugar Cake Donuts
Glazed Cake Donuts
Frosting & Sprinkles

Sweet & Simple Birthday Decor
Photos of the sweet birthday boy ev-er-y-where.
Orange balloons (because that's what he wanted)
Sports Pinata (because he is all boy and LOVES all things sports)

Family, Friends, and lots of Love
We let the cutie name a handful of friends to have over for his birthday. He was delighted.
Grandparents, Uncles, Bekah, and Erin

Loved these two photos! Bekah is beautiful in the picture below. I think it's one of my favorite pics of you, Bekah. Love you!
And, my beautiful friend and her daughter here look so sweet.

The kids loved the pinata and all the candy that came with it.

Haha. Linus decided that the pinata stick was too heavy so he took matters into his own hands and found one he thought more suitable. Probably the most adorable thing he has done to date.
It was the cutest thing. And, had me laughing hysterically for a little. Only because he kept going at the pinata. So stinking cute!


I had a sweet moment with this sweet three year old:

Mama: Are you having a good birthday, sweetheart?
Bigfoot: Mama, I so happy. It's my birthday... Mama, I so happy. [Hugs me.] Squeezeeeeeee!!!! Thank you, mama.

I love you, baby boy. So very much.Thank you for loving me and all who you have met these past three years. You are such a gift that I am forever thankful for.

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