Sunday, March 18, 2018

the side of love // taking the time

There's a beautiful rhythm to our world. We see it in the seasons that guide us through death and new life every year. The rhythm calls to us. It calls to our souls that yearn for the Unseen because it is in what is seen that makes the Unseen known.

In a similar way, we experience seasons. Seasons of health and seasons of sickness, seasons of death and of new life, seasons of growth and seasons of stillness, and seasons of every possible opposition that exists in our little world.

A few years ago, my soul entered a season of stillness. The season felt like it was filled with so many words that displayed such amazing thought and Truth, and yet, a season in which my soul could not form comparable words on this little webspace of mine. It's almost as if my soul was so filled it couldn't possibly reveal the gifts that it was relishing in. And so, this season has felt like a sort of retreat of my heart, will, and mind.

During this time, I kept feeling the Holy Spirit nudge.


Be still.


Now, I know I've chatted about rest in this little space of mine. Rest is just something that comes naturally to me, sometimes in times that are fantastic and nourishing, and in other times, in a way that is easily seen as vice! 

But this was a different sort of rest. The kind of rest that us phlegmatic/INFP's are absolutely stellar at is not what He was asking of me, rather, more of a rest of my brain and heart! In other words, He grabbed my hand, walked me away from here, and asked me to take some time to try and still the inner constancy of my brain.

This retreat has been incredibly amazing. The gift of Mother Church, Her teachings, all that surrounds us in the wisdom of the faithful - old and new, the incredible otherworldliness of universal truths, and more are what my mind, heart, and soul have been continually filled with these last couple of years. To say, I'm thankful doesn't even begin to cut it!

And yet, through it all, my little soul has been stunned into silence. There's been such a filling of Truth, that leaves me not knowing where to begin.

There's beauty in new beginnings. We see it every season. We see it at every end to a season, too. The fruits are seen and known and serve our hearts in such good ways. Only, if we take the time to see it.


So, till the next time I take the time to see and know, how do you take time to notice how He speaks to you in your season or present?

Is it easy? What are the distractions? What are the encouragements? 


  1. Please, please, please tell me you’ve read The Power of Silence by Cardinal Sarah!

    1. Ah! Ann-Marie! Our family bible study almost took it up last round but instead we chose St. Augustine's Confessions which proved pretty difficult to do group study style then we moved onto Fr. Baron's new book which is just really really good so far! Cardinal Sarah is one priest and author I've desired to read wisdom from since I started hearing about him...say a year or two ago, but have yet to! I'm thinking over the summer!

    2. Doooooooooo it! This is not a book to race through. Slowly. I feel like I’ve highlighted and pondered more in this book than any other.

    3. Thank you for sharing, Ann-Marie! This will definitely be my next read..and I'm not just saying that! It's been on my mind already so I figure I should respond to the Holy Spirit ;)


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