Monday, November 21, 2016

childhood // three months of dandelion

This is the first baby I've not regularly blogged about. She fills my Instagram account with her joy, sweetness, and laughter, but I've not kept up with updates here on the blog.

Something has been a bit different this time around. I'm not sure if it's because, for a moment, I wasn't sure either of us were going to make it out of that operating room or maybe because there's something about the sweet treasure that she is calls for a degree of hiddenness. I also had a hard time healing from her birth that really had my head in a place that needed all the space I could share with it, not to mention we all got sick in this month where I trailed off on her updates. Goodness, so many possible rationales, that ultimately all played a little part in the why of me not getting to sharing our gift in this space.

I've thought about how much I love going back and revisiting the boys posts so I'm going to make it a point to go down memory lane for the months that I failed to update on her little to-do's and get them posted. If it's not your thing, I get it, but if it is, I pray that you get to experience a little Dominus Est moment that leaves you feeling a little lighter and encouraged that God is still present, working, and oh-so-good.

Y'all, our little family has such a gift in Dandelion! Only a good and wonderful God could have knitted such a joyful spirit filled with smiles, snuggles, so much goodness, and laughter.

So on I go, recalling our little lovely and all she shared in her third month.

Firstly and most beautifully significant, you were baptized. Loved ones came to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Our time was filled with so much beauty! God is good, Mother Church is beautiful, and you were welcomed in just as you are, giggles and laughter abounding.  

Your baptism truly was a wonderful time. Your Godparents are amazing and incredible examples of Christ's love and goodness and we couldn't be more happy to have them be a part of our little family in such a special way.

Now onto the little things:

You shared lots of sleepy smiles, milk-drunk smiles, and real smiles. This was a skill of hers that she had down-pat pretty quickly!
Her brothers asked to hold her every chance they could.

They love you, dear. They love you so very much.

She was the sweetest little sleeper. In the sleep department during this third month, you were such a treasure, sleeping anywhere from 7 to 9 hours at a time - at night! I can't tell you how healing that was for me. Especially since mama had a much harder time healing from this cesarean than the two previous!
All the snuggles. All. the. SNUGGLES!
...and giggles. The sweetest sound!
...and that little tongue of yours liked to find its way out during giggles and smiles. It was pretty cute!
Your brothers were both so fascinated by you and after having you around for three months informed me that they wanted many more babies in our family!
You enjoyed a simple bench swing with mama while watching your brothers play at the park. You also loved a good rocking to sleep in our rocker.
We attended a Gala. You wanted much of our attention throughout and made sure not to go to sleep the entire three hours we were there! I guess you didn't want to miss any of the action.
You met Uncle A and Aunt Bekah. They love you, baby girl. They love you a lot and you thoroughly enjoyed loving them too!

Unfortunately, a vicious stomach bug ran through our house. Soon after your brothers fell victims, I, too, came down with it. It was awful and I tried my best to nourish you and keep you healthy but it was a strong one that made it's way to you.

It was awful to see you unwell. You had fever, got a terribly stuffy nose + congestion that made it hard for you to breathe, and some tummy troubles (but not as bad as everyone else, thankfully.)
Though, despite you being unwell, you naturally shared much goodness and joy with all around.
...your smiles and giggles were still constant and one could hardly sense any fussiness.
Thankfully, you nursed well through it all. We made one trip to the ER because your breathing was so labored and had the best treatment.
Soon, all was well. Nana came to help and give me a little reprieve because dealing with that nasty virus + tending to all three littles was more than my healing body was ready for.
We rested our way back to health and all was well again.

You got to get in a lot of snuggles and fun with Nana.
We even took a little trip to a nearby shopping center to walk around and get some fresh air.

While Nana was here, Daddy and I snuck in a date night and it was good.
Little love, you continued to amaze us in your third month. Since you were born, your strength and goodness have been such a blessing to my heart, to our family, to our extended family, and to all you've met. Your sweet temperament is a gift from Above and we couldn't be more grateful for how you love us!

Sweet girl, you embody these words from St. Teresa of Calcutta:

“Let anyone who comes to you go away feeling better and happier. Everyone should see goodness in your face, in your eyes, in your smile. Joy shows from the eyes. It appears when we speak and walk. It cannot be kept closed inside us. It reacts outside. Joy is very infectious.”

- St. Teresa of Calcutta

It's pretty amazing, really. And I pray that I, and your family, always help nourish and keep that sweet little light radiating all the days of your life. Love you, baby girl!

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