Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Come and gone...

Our Bigfoot’s first month has come and gone!

Bigfoot, you are amazing! Daddy and I love you more and more each day and love getting to know you better! You are such a wonderful baby boy!

This month:

-You’ve met so many family members and friends - Grandparents, Uncles, Aunt, Great Grandparents, Great Aunt, Mama and Daddy’s friends, and some of Mama and Daddy’s friends kids :)

-You went to your first live Mass and did sooo good :D

-We are mostly getting the hang of nursing - only time, practice, and Our Lord will help us get better :)

-You have gained all the weight you lost in the hospital right on time -  and some!

-You love car rides.

-Your umbi fell off :D

-You had your very first Fourth of July!

-You like being sat up

-Your daddy has become a professional swaddler

-You love falling asleep on daddy when he gets home from work or in the middle of the night (we try to watch/limit the nighttime ones)

-haha you’ve peed on Mama a couple times - I’m still trying to get better at preventing this occurrence lol

-You love looking around

-You definitely have had one growth spurt since you’ve been home

-You still get hiccups (not as much as while in the womb)…sometimes you don’t mind them and sometimes they annoy you and make you unhappy

-Your baby legs and arms are sooo strong - I’m thinking you might walk before you crawl ;) haha

-Lily has been so great with you - can’t wait till you start interacting with our family pup.

-You had your first tub bath…I promise I’ll get better at giving you baths and keeping you warm! :D

-You spent a lot of time with your Nonna and Nana. They love you so much!

-Mama and Daddy *love* snuggling with you

-You love being swaddled

-Daddy comes home everyday during lunch to see you (and me, of course ;))

-You found your hands and have no idea what to do with them

-When you sneeze you get this stunned look on your face that makes us giggle

-Your g’night/nap lullaby is Hail Mary, Gentle Woman

-You become more and more alert as each day passes!

-You are an OK fan of tummy time. Tummy time only lasts for a couple minutes before you get fussy.

-And you smile when you are falling asleep - this is definitely a favorite <3

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