Thursday, August 25, 2011

We have a two month old!...and are just soooo in love!

So hard to fathom that two months have already passed us by! With each day, with each moment for that matter, our Bigfoot is growing, developing, sharing his beautiful personality full of smiles and goodness, and just capturing our hearts in an amazing way!

Bigfoot, so much has happened this past month! Here are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head and the ones I wrote down on your baby calendar :)

-Daddy and Mama continue to be amazed at how their love increases for you as each day passes! Our hearts were definitely made to expand in love!

-We went to your first social outing! Our good friends are moving to Houston and we went to their outdoor going away party. You did so good and seemed very intrigued with the Texas heat (that or confused, since you’ve mostly been in AC)

-We had lunch with our good friends on a Sunday after Mass. You came with! Your first restaurant outing!! We went to Twisted Root - a delicious burger place. You weren’t a fan of the guy on the speaker calling out the funny order names. He was pretty loud.

-You attended your first Girl’s Night Dallas with Mama :D You were a big hit with all the ladies! And you met some other GND babies!

-You attended your first Bible Study with Daddy and Mama! You met other Bible Study babies too! Everyone was so excited to meet you or see you again (for those that met you earlier on). You did great! You seemed to be paying attention to the wonderful dialogue that was going on :)

-You had a mini photo shoot with some friends of Mama and Daddy :) You did so good! We got some great shots of you!

-You attended another party! Again, you seem so taken with the outdoor temperatures here in Texas.

-Here’s a big one! You had your first road trip. And, not just any road trip, but a 9 hour one! We drove to meet Great Grandma and saw/stayed with some good friends along the way to break up the trip down. Everyone loved meeting you and talked about how alert you are. Also, you did *amazing* on the road trip! Daddy and Mama may have passed down our traveling genes ;)

-You had a short lived bumbo time. You seemed to enjoy it still :)

-Daddy and Mama celebrated their engagement on the Feast of the Assumption. It’s been two years since Daddy and Mama started their journey towards their vocation and we could not be happier! You were so sweet on that day to us. Daddy cooked us a delicious meal and brought Mama beautiful flowers :D

-You went through a short fussy time. Mama and Daddy realized this was you going through a growth spurt. And grow you did my sweet boy!

-God has blessed us in the nursing department :) We’ve grown together and I feel have improved so much with His Grace!

-We went to your two month doctor’s appointment. You weighed in at a whopping 12 lbs. 10 oz! and have grown 2 whole inches! My dear, you are growing SO fast! Doctor said your health looks great :D

-You attended your first wedding! Mama’s best friends sister got married and you were there. It was a beautiful wedding and you were definitely turning heads :)

-Uncle Godfather has come to stay with us! You will be getting so much quality time with your Godfather these next 2 months! He just started his rotations for physical therapy and lucky us get to have him all to ourselves for the next couple months! He loves you so much!!

-You are cooing a ton! You love talking with Mama and Daddy! And we love talking to you! I’ll upload a video soon to show off your oh so wonderful coo skills.

-You are so very alert! A mini scientist taking in the world and we love watching you take everything in.

-Daddy and you say your prayers together every night before bed.

-Smiling is your favorite ;) and ours too!!

-You notice Lily more and smile at her too. She is pretty funny.

-You love it when Mama nibbles at your toesies :D

-Tummy time is extending as days pass. You seem to enjoy strengthening those muscles :)

-We started cloth diapering during the day! You love your cloth diapers and I love your fluffy bum :D

-You like it when Mama or Daddy sing to you.

-Lily starts to pout when you cry - she really likes you.

-You love playing in your Einstein Gym and the infant rocker we have for you. Again, just learning and taking everything in.

-First round of immunizations are done and over with! YAY! You did so good handling those terrible pricks into your little turkey legs and got some fun looking bandaids to show for it!

-There’s a picture of the Holy Family that we have that makes you smile. You always seem so mesmerized by it.

-When you wake up from naps or from nighttime sleep you wake up with a smile. We love this present you give us so often!

-You found your precious hands and love to kick your feet at every chance you get. Your my little squirmer!

Well, my little love, that’s all for now :) Mama and Daddy love you so much and are so excited for all that this next month will bring! God bless you, my sweet Bigfoot!

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