Monday, June 13, 2011

you and that's something to celebrate!

Ahhhh, so I know I’ve been jumping ahead to get to where we are today.  And a lot of that has been focused on us journeying towards the soon to be BIG occasion of having our first child.  However, I did not want to miss sharing that we celebrated our 1st anniversary this year!!

We had such a great day!  A day set apart to reminisce and truly celebrate.  God truly blessed us with a wonderful first year.

Our first year blessings:  our wedding day!, our first home together, sacramental graces that come with marriage!, our immediate family, in-laws which have been such a blessing, extended family, growing together, birthdays!, learning together, making our life decisions together, time with our siblings, talking, sharing, trials, going to many of our friends weddings, compromising, beautiful friends, blessed with work, becoming one, becoming a family - a domestic church, kisses, kind and gentle touches, when we look at each other in that way, finding out we were with child!, our baby journey!, and sooooo much more!!!

We started our celebration day off by going to Mass in the morning, followed by brunch at a local favorite place.  We went home after that and watched our wedding video and skimmed through wedding day pictures.  We then renewed our wedding vows in the comfort of our little home and danced to our first dance song :)  And we finished our celebration off with a lovely dinner at Magic Time Machine where we had our caricatures drawn up (we felt it was only appropriate to go to MTM  for dinner since we were remembering all our time within the past year) and dessert at a another favorite place.  All in all, a wonderful day filled with love, remembering, and celebrating!


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