Monday, July 8, 2013

Our Little Sweet is 4 Months!

You, my precious son, have been with us for 4 months (and some, by the time I actually post this!). These 4 months have been filled with ups and downs, but always with a smile that is incredibly infectious and beautiful - not to mention, a giggle that makes your heart melt!

I'm going to share some of your moments this past month with oodles of pictures too.

We went out for a Father's day stroll. You love your daddy so much! You reach out to him and look for him the moment you hear his voice. It is so sweet! During the stroll, you mostly slept, but were such a sweet heart while home. Daddy loves you so much. And, I'm pretty sure brother was happy to not have to share his smoothie with you just yet. 
You take a paci! Your big brother never took one, but you my dear, will. Sometimes when you're having hard day or trying to fall asleep, the paci is your friend. Other times, you could care less for the little thing. We're fine with either. And, glad you are happy.

Also, blankies are your favorite! We call you our little Linus. You really are a blankie baby. It's so cute!
Honestly, if it were up to you, your sleep would look like this every time.
You enjoy lots of play-gym time. And are able to roll onto your tummy from your back now. It's just a matter of time before you are rolling around like crazy! So, you've mastered the front-to-back and back-to-front roll. 
You had your 4 month check up and measured in at 26.5 inches and 15.8 lbs. You have managed to catch up to your brother in height (surpass him by just a bit, even)! However, big brother still had three whole pounds over you at this point. It's crazy how much you've stretched out. I'm sure those growing pains are part of the reason we haven't seen much sleep this past month. 

We took a trip to San Antonio to go see Papa, Yaya, and Hailey for your brother's birthday weekend. We had all the grandparents, uncles, and aunts there for a wonderful 2 year birthday party on Saturday. The picture below is the part of the drive that you did absolutely wonderful! You slept, and then played with your big brother. The later part was an entirely different story, unfortunately. Poor baby, you cried on and off for a good 2.5 hours, with stops. To say you aren't a fan of being in the car seat is an understatement. Wish we could help you like it better, but just know we put you in there because we love you and are looking out for your safety!
You had a great time with Papa, Yaya, and Hailey. Lots of smiles and laughter. Apparently you are a big fan of bottles too, but not as much as the faces of your precious family - you absolutely light up with sweet smiles when any grandparents or uncle/aunt are present. 
You absolutely adore your big brother. Lots of the pictures to come are of the two of you. Know that he loves you just as much!
You let us rock you to sleep now. It's so sweet. But, you also love being bounced and walked around just as much or more. It's always nice to be able to sit and rock you, if even for a little while.

Eli, you definitely prefer the Moby Wrap to our Maya Wrap, so we have been sporting that at every Mass and any time Mama has to carry you for an extended time. If you're comfy, I'm comfy! Your older brother spent a good deal of time in our Maya Wrap. I take this as another way that you are letting us know how wonderfully unique you are. Seeing all these differences between you two has been such fun! 
While at your brother's party, you were being passed around to all the family. You did great! You fell asleep with your Nonna, played with your Nana, hung out with all the Papas, and smiled with your Uncle Mychael, Uncle Aaron, and Rebekah. You had your fair share of fun that day too. 
As much as you share your beautiful smile, dimples, and laughter with us, you also are a fan of sharing some crazy crying bouts. Dear one, you can be quite the fussy baby. I often feel you are telling me that it's your way or the highway. I admit, I have trouble with this sometimes, but know that I am trying my best to meet your needs and love you.
Speaking of having a voice, you are quite the squealer! We call you Pteri, as in pterodactyl. You like to squeak and squeal and just discover all the fun things you can do with your vocal cords. You hum to sleep while I sing to you and you randomly grunt just because.

You've found your feet. Honestly, I think you found them in your 3rd months, but I can't remember just now. You like picking them up, grabbing them, trying to put them in your mouth, and looking at them. You also enjoy when we play with your toesies and pull of your socks. Makes you smile every time.
Your Nonna came to spend some time with us back home. She loved getting to hold you and get to know you and your wonderful personality better. You were such a sweetheart while she was here. You even decided you would sleep for 7.5 hour stretches all three nights that she was here!
Here you are with your brother. He's teaching you about the various patterns, while you listen attentively. You hang on his every word and always are looking for him while you all are in the same room. It is the sweetest thing and I look forward to see how your friendship grows.
Little man, you don't like clothes. You are happiest when you are wearing nothing or when I am taking off your onesies. I think every since started intentionally smiling you have smiled each time I have undressed you for your baths and cried more often than not when I try to dress you for bedtime. Sweetheart, unfortunately, clothes are something you'll have to learn to live with. 
For the most part, our nursing troubles have passed. Our struggles started from day one when I got thrush (OUCH!), followed by me having an oversupply that kicked in around month 2 (which was about a few weeks after my thrush had resolved and after our family recovered from a terrible stomach virus). Once we had the oversupply, it was quite the struggle for the next month and a half. I think now we are finally in a good place. You tend to only nurse for 3-6 minutes at a time and aren't much of a comfort nurser. Not sure if this will ever change, but for now, we are just going with it. I'm thankful that we seem to have gotten past the worst of it all. Obviously, we are doing something right because you are growing like a weed. I have stopped with milk and cheese for now too, and it seems to have helped. During the day, you are sweet and silly sometimes and you do very well during the middle of the night feedings. Our most trying times are that witching hour every evening, but we may have just figured out a way to sooth you a little better with your blankie! Will update in the next month.

You are a champ at tummy time! You don't fuss to get picked up and can stay there for quite a while before turning to your back or finding something to play with. You also have started to enjoy your jumper time.
You aren't a fan of being outside as much as your brother was but perhaps that will change once the weather cools down a bit, or at least I hope so, because your brother and I do enjoy being outdoors! Especially when that beautiful Fall weather rolls in.
Sweet boy, these 4 months have been such a gift and privilege! You have blessed us with your beautiful presence. You are a joy and have added so much goodness to our little family. We love you and are looking forward to the months to come! 

Your brother's 2-year birthday update is soon to follow! Mama is playing major catch up in the blogging world!

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