Friday, November 8, 2013

7QT: 3-2-1 & Random

3 Things I am Thankful For:
-Beautiful skies, beautiful days, and feel-good, nice, cool, and crisp weather. I heart you, Texas!
-Two boys napping and Chick-fil-a for lunch (Ha. Well, one boy woke up the moment after I finished my 4th QT. It's just how they do.)
-My husband!!! He's the best! Love him so much
**Adding an extra Thankful! I'm thankful for this amazing post that was absolutely so beautiful! If you haven't read it, you should! Also, thankful for the beautiful woman behind Suscipio for sharing her gifts with all who happen upon her uplifting corner of the web.
2 Items I Wear Over and Over Again:
-My glasses (lame but true!)
-My boys! We babywear around here and enjoy it! It's so sweet.
1 Thing I Am Looking Forward to This Weekend:
Mini-Weekend Vacation with our Family Bible Study! Friends, fun, relaxation, good food, and play! I love all of these amazing blessings and our little family gets to spend a weekend of soaking them all up! The boys are pretty excited to spend the weekend with their friends too. It's like a giant sleepover!

But, in order to get to this awesome weekend I need to finish packing! I'm not a fan of packing. Not sure I ever will be. I like baking though. I like baking a lot!

In fact, I like baking so much so that I decided (since we are hosting breakfast saturday morning) to bake a half dozen of yummy sweet breads. So far we 3 cinnamon sugar swirl bread, banana walnut bread, banana chocoalte chip bread, and cranberry bread. Nom Nom!

I used this recipe for both the walnut banana bread and the chocolate chip banana bread. I used this recipe for cinnamon sugar bread - its super easy, quick, and yummy! Oh, and I substituted the milk with vanilla almond milk and it was still great! I'd give a recipe for the cranberry bread but that was from a quick-bread box mix I picked up awhile ago at the store.

Hmm..what else? Linus will be turning 9 months in a few days! Eep! I cannot believe my little baby boy is 9 whole months! And to top of the overwhelmingly fast pace that these kids choose to grow at, Bigfoot has been potty-training. yesterday morning and evening the boy stayed dry! He's been doing so well! It's crazy! Not crazy that he's doing well, but crazy that we are at that point in life. I have a potty-training child. Where does the time go! Also, I never knew another beings' ability to go to the bathroom could put such a gleaming smile on my face every. single. time! Weird and awesome all at the same time. Thank you, mommyhood.

And lastly, the little guy along with the bigger little guy got hit with some pretty bad allergies a few weeks ago and I feel like this is the first week things started to feel a little more normal (main reason I've been MIA on the blog). Thank you, Jesus! All I've learned is having two littles not feeling well at the same time is ROUGH! That's about all I've got, unfortunately. Rough. Haha. I've definitely been lacking in the insight department these past few weeks too, but I'll blame that on poor sleep and selfishness.

Thanks for stopping by these random quick takes and for a little bit of 3-2-1 fun! Thanks for hosting Jen and Jenny! Also, for more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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