Monday, November 4, 2013

What we did the weekend before last...

Yup. That's right. The weekend before last. I've been a very random poster as of late. I'll credit it to a few things: trying to be present to our family for one (ie overwhelmed in the mommy realm and needing to use every ounce of whatever is in my sleepy brain for the kiddos first), having family in town, house hunting, and a little part of me just has not been too motivated (ie I think I got a little overwhelmed with the amazingly huge and awesome blogworld that is out there).

Aside from all those reasons, I'm letting my fingers clack away again. For now, I'm going to stick with photo posts. I've been playing with my camera a little more. About a few weeks ago I put the little thing on Manual Mode and have been having a go at it. Results are mixed to say the least. Lots of washed out pictures, blurry pictures, and everything under the sun that isn't capturing the moments as mine eyes see them, but I'm trying - and that's exciting!

Getting back to the weekend before last, we had family in town! We always feel so blessed when our families visit! Being we don't live near any of our parents - these are moments we really try to savor. There's a special love with family. It's a gift. A gift we are always so grateful to be present to. 

So, without further-ado, here are a few of our memories. I'll add some more in the days to come.
Love these two men! Like I've said before, we're a beer family who loves a good brewery - and Lakewood Brewing Co. is amazing! We have yet to have anything bad there (which is pretty awesome because often times these craft beer men like to experiment even if there's potential for a miss)!
Here I am with my beautiful Mother-in-Law. She has definitely been a blessing to me and our little family.
Nonna and her grandsons. I caught so many beautiful shots of her with the boys. She makes it easy though. Her love for these boys is absolutely beautiful which definitely shines through.
Bigfoot was so good the whole time (even sans nap time!). I love this little moment. We were out back while GeekMan was inside getting his last call. The little man couldn't contain himself and ran right up to his Dada.
This little boy loves his Nonna.
We snuck in a family photo. BOTH boys are smiling! A major win!
Here we all are! Thank you random guy for taking a moment to take a few photos of all of us.

We had a blast with Papa Wooley and Nonna in town. Can't wait to see them again (as always)! I'll be sharing some more pictures of our time together soon.

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