Wednesday, November 20, 2013

FF: Mikarose

Linking up with Hallie for some fun!

1. These boots!

Julianna Riding Boots
So excited to share I took the plunge and bought myself some winter-warm, all-things mostly trendy boots! I've been debating for a few weeks, months, a year or so on whether to get some boots. I know, I'm ridiculous! But, I'm excited to report I bought some, they are in the mail, and I can't wait to sport them!

2. This online store!

Speaking of the boots, I should share the store!

Mikarose - Reinventing Modest Fashion

Thanks to MikaRose, I was able to find these fun boots along with so many other things that I'd love to wear. In fact, I'll share a few more things that I'm putting on my wishlist.

3. This skirt.

In both colors!
Mustard Trench Button Skirt
Along with most all of the skirts they have!

4. This dress!

Molly Dress
So many cute ones to pick from!

5.  Shoes & Cardis!

Tina Suede Wedges 
V- Neck Button Down Cardigan

So glad they added shoes and cardigans to their online store! Looking forward to new lines as they come!

Hope you enjoyed these Five Favorites! Head over to Hallie's to enjoy some more fun!


  1. I love boots! But, like you, I take forever to decide and buy some already! I love the ones you picked. That store sounds cool, I'll have to check that out.
    ~ Erika Marie via Moxie Wife

    1. They're supposed to get here today! Pretty sure I already have something picked out in my head for when they arrive, haha. Do check out the store. I really like so many things they have and the prices are so reasonable!


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