Thursday, December 4, 2014

How Lovely are your Branches!

Growing up, I don't remember ever going to a Christmas Tree farm. Correct me if my memory fails me, mom, but I'm pretty sure we didn't go just because there weren't any where we lived.

Now that we are in North Texas there at least 10 different Christmas Tree farms in the area (when I say in the area, I mean about 45 minutes - 1 hour away). This is so exciting! I've really only seen Christmas Tree farms in movies. The whole chopping down your own tree. Finding the one. Searching and seeking your solid symbol of Hope that will be in your home lit against the darkness that a season of waiting entertains. I'm not romantic about it at all.

Not at all!

Ha, anyways. Like I said in our previous post, we were home for Thanksgiving so we were able to find a farm nearby to go have a little tree adventure. It was a beautiful day and we were so excited. The first Christmas songs of our season were being played in the car the whole way there for us to enjoy! Well, not all of us, since the boys ended up falling asleep about 15 minutes in to the drive, which was a great thing since we were going to be there during nap time!
When we arrived at Yesterland Tree Farm we were overwhelmed in a mostly good way. This place was huge, beautiful, and ultimately looked like a mini carnival for little kids a midst all. the. Christmas. Trees! The boys were thrilled!

Only, when we got down, for whatever reason, the weather decided to be uber windy! So windy that we drove home with dirt marks all over our cheeks. We really looked like we rolled around in dirt from all the dust-carrying wind. But, the boys could care less.
Off they went. They loved exploring through the beautiful tree selection, but not as much as they love Love LOVED the horse rides!
They were in Heaven. These two boys have been waiting to ride a horse since I can't remember when. I know they are only 3 and 1, but when a little one wants something, he wants something. And, these two have really wanted to ride horses.
I was so happy to see them riding. It made my heart smile and pause to think that these are the moments.

And, I promise Linus was so happy to ride too. This is just his go-to face for all things in his life that need a face that don't immediately spark a crazy happy smile or cry.
The horse ride could not have lasted long enough.
I made sure to capture as much of this bit of joy and fun.

The farm also had a little Western Village for kids to wander in.
Peek-a-boo in the house was a fun game for Linus and Daddy. It was pretty funny to watch and Linus thought he was being hilarious.
They had merry-go-rounds, huge slides of all kinds, roller coaster rides, and even a little Ferris Wheel the boys could get on.
I shared a little about these two and their Ferris Wheel experience in this post. I'm so glad they were both able to enjoy this fun ride that took them both high up into the sky to oversee the whole farm. I love Ferris Wheels for the amazing views they share.

Hope this experience planted a seed for them to love Ferris Wheels too.
They had a kiddie playground and petting zoo.
Finally, at the end of our fun stay at this amazing little farm, we ventured to find our Christmas tree. Because of all the crazy in the form of toddlers who have not napped and all. the. stuff. going on, I felt a little frantic while helping the boys find a tree.
I'm happy to report, despite my frantic self, we found a tree, but not the one below. See, originally we had chose this tree, but after coming back around saw that someone had damaged the bottom (not. cool.). We ended up passing on it, and quickly found a new tree we could call our own.
Y'all. I heart this tree. It's so beautiful! It's definitely the most beautiful tree we've ever had before. Smells amazing. And brings a beautiful light and warmth to our home.
Traditions have been on our minds lately. Geekman and I want to start having these moments that the boys can anticipate every year as to more fully experience the beautiful rhythm of the liturgical year. After this experience, I think it's safe to say, we are adding a visit to a tree farm to our family traditions.

Have you ever been to a Christmas Tree farm? Is that part of your family traditions upon entering the season of Advent? Or do you wait to put up your tree till Christmas Day?

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