Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Photo Party: Thanksgiving Day Love

Sharing a few of my favorite moments and captures from Thanksgiving day.

It really was so special to be able to host Thanksgiving in our new home sweet home. I loved filling this house with all the memories, smells, foods, laughter, hugs, and smiles. It was awesome. 

My parents stayed with us with their new little pup, Dakota, and the boys were in Heaven.

Naptimes were a little off, per usual over the holidays, but my dad definitely took advantage. The boys loved napping on and with their grandpa.
The cranberries, y'all! I snatched up a bag of fresh cranberries while grocery shopping. Something I've never done before. I have never purchsed fresh cranberries ever. ever. ever. And, I can't tell you how happy I am that I did!
Thanks to Pinterest, I pulled off the most delicious Spiked Cranberry Sauce with Apple Cider and Spiced Rum. Y'all. uhhh-mazing! I used Apple Cider instead of Hard Cider since it's what I had and it still turned out fantastic!
My brother and Erin came over. We love every chance we get to spend with them. The boys just eat it up and are just so happy when they get to play with their Uncle Geye-co (as Linus has been calling him, lately.)
This turkey. Oh. My. Goodness. This turkey was perfect. Thanks to my mama! She makes the most amazing stuffing and turkey. This made everything else taste perfect.
Our spread. Oh the how glorious the spread was. Full bellies. Happy taste buds. Vino. Cerveza. All. the. goods. Last year was awesome, but oh how we rocked this year too!
This year the Spiked Cranberry Sauce and the Sweet Potato Casserole made my taste buds so very happy! I've made the same Sweet Potato Casserole recipe every year since the sweetest friend shared her recipe with me a number of years ago. I could eat both of these plates every. day.

These guys. I love them. My daddy and my brother. They're both kind of amazing men. True story.
My beautiful mom and me. She made being in the kitchen much more organized and since she made the turkey, made my life worlds easier (I'm not good with big raw birds. I do it when I have to. But, not a fan.).
The weather was AWESOME! Thank you, Texas!

Linus decided to race Dakota. I don't remember who won.

The pup was scrambling the entire time she was here. Because of puppy tendencies to trail closely behind people and their shoes, she was nearly stepped on way more than I'd like to share. But, I'm happy to report, she made it and is perfectly wonderful.

I know the picture is blurry but I love the photo below. I love seeing my brother happy. It makes me happy.
See the fun that ensues when Uncle Geye-co is here.
We gave family photos a go. Some turned out really well so I went ahead and emailed them to the family rather than share them on here. I snapped quite a few so I'll spare you mostly. Mostly, because I'm going to share just a couple.
Lots of play happened.
Hugs, snuggles, and smiles.
And my mom snapped a couple of the boys and us. I'm a fan of this one. 
Thanksgiving was filled with tons of goodness this year. And, like I mentioned before, I'm so very thankful this year for my husband. With getting a herniated disc in my lower back a few months ago, he has been so very amazing. Always there. Always wonderful. Always loving and supporting. So very thankful, not only for this time that he has endured with me, but also for everything we have had together since the day we met. 

So, that's a wrap for our Thanksgiving day photo party. How was your Thanksgiving? Any new favorite dishes this year? Mine was definitely the Spiked Cranberry Sauce and the Sweet Potato Casserole - hands down! 

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